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Why I Switched To An Organic Mattress!

I needed a new mattress and decided to invest in an organic one because regular mattresses are full of harmful chemicals. Here's what you need to know!

Have you ever thought about your mattress? I mean, REALLY thought about it? We spend a huge part of our lives sleeping, but somehow we never think about the wellness implications of our mattresses that much.

I didn’t, but I do now…

Ever since I read the book Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington, I’ve been thinking nonstop about it. The book covers our current sleep crisis and the importance of sleep for proper brain and daily life function. Obviously, our mattress plays a HUGE role in this – “It’s not really a surprise that a quality mattress is a key factor in getting a good night’s sleep”  writes Huffington.

I have pretty nailed down which wellness practices work for me for a good sleep, but somehow I still felt that I wasn’t getting the 100% rest my body needed… waking every day with back pain, interrupted sleep, urrrgggg you name it, and it-was-driving-me-crazy!

I needed answers… pronto, now, ahora. So I started researching.

But before I go deep into my findings

I can happily share that I’m now sleeping like a baby on a My Green Mattress model made specifically for side sleepers, because yes, that matters too! They are an AMAZING family owned business, who manufactures all-natural, organic mattresses.

I couldn’t be happier that my mattress obsessive research led me to them!


I needed a new mattress and decided to invest in an organic one because regular mattresses are full of harmful chemicals. Here's what you need to know!

I needed a new mattress and decided to invest in an organic one because regular mattresses are full of harmful chemicals. Here's what you need to know!

This is What I Found About Regular Mattresses

By law, all mattresses need to pass tons of tests, including passing the flame retardant standards. They are full of harmful chemicals that are not really ever disclosed by the major mattress brands.

Chemicals that have been banned in Canada, Europe, and several states, build up in your body over time, and what you absorb or inhale does not go away. This is concerning not only because of the health problems these chemicals are associated with (brain and reproductive damage, decreased sperm quality, thyroid problems and even cancer at high levels), but also because of how pervasive these chemicals have become.

The idea of this post is not to alarm you but to inform you, so we can all make more educated choices with our hard earned money.

The article shares that they can also contain other chemicals like:

  • Formaldehyde (a potential carcinogenic)
  • Boric Acid (a toxic respiratory irritant often used to kill cockroaches… ewwwww!)
  • Antimony (may cause heart and lung damage, possible carcinogen)
  • Decabromodiphenyl Oxide (causes hair and memory loss, possible carcinogen)

It makes total sense! Every night we lay our faces on our mattress and pillows, breathing in these chemicals. This is even MORE important if you have children.

It’s really all I can think of!


Which Organic Mattress I Chose & Why

I needed a new mattress and decided to invest in an organic one because regular mattresses are full of harmful chemicals. Here's what you need to know!

If you follow my Snaps or Insta-Stories, then you saw me hunting for a mattress… Like really, really annoying my husband because I couldn’t decide! Lol

But if you read everything I wrote above, then you know I have my reasons. Buying a regular mattress was just NOT an option anymore. I’ve spent YEARS transitioning to a cleaner, all-natural, organic life in every aspect of my life and for some reason, I never thought of my mattress.

I know, I know…

But we are all learning together and that’s why I love this #CandyGlowSquad community we have created.

My Green Mattress

I needed a new mattress and decided to invest in an organic one because regular mattresses are full of harmful chemicals. Here's what you need to know!

You guys I’m so in love with my organic mattress!

I kid you not, while writing this post my husband enters to my office and tells me “babe, have you noticed I am now sleeping the whole night straight without waking up?” he used to wake up A LOT, and so did I. Besides the health concerns we had, comfort for us was a non-negotiable as well.

I love My Green Mattress because all the materials they use are natural and organic. Their main ingredients are certified organic cotton, Eco-wool with a GOTS certified processing, GOLS certified organic, and all-natural Dunlop latex. All of their materials are sourced in the U.S.A. (with the exception of the Dunlop latex coming from Sri Lanka, because you can’t get organic latex direct from the US –aside from a supplier– and they buy directly from the source!).

You Get What You Pay For

Partnering with them has been such a pleasure… I love to support family owned businesses. I think we all should!

They make, oversee and sell all of their mattresses themselves, so they don’t mark up their products with huge margins because they believe that a safe, healthy mattress should be available to all and not be a luxury purchase.

I mean, don’t you love them too already?!

With My Green Mattress, you are NOT getting chemical flame retardants, you are NOT getting a bed that emits toxic chemicals, nor are you getting a mattress that employs child laborers. You aren’t getting hidden materials and fillers.

Oh, and they have an awesome 10 Year Warranty and a 100 Nights Comfort Guarantee (which means that you can return them if you don’t like it… but I hardly doubt you will!) and even payment plans.


I needed a new mattress and decided to invest in an organic one because regular mattresses are full of harmful chemicals. Here's what you need to know!

An organic mattress is definitely an investment, but we spend so much time in our bed, our sleep is so important, that this is an investment totally worth making.

Hope my post serves you, and help you to make a more conscious choice.

Now tell me, have you ever thought about switching to an organic mattress?

Will you now after reading this post?

Xo, C

**This post was done in collaboration with My Green Mattress. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are all mine… I have the king sized Natural Scape model, which is perfect for side sleepers, and my review is 100% real. Thanks so much for showing love to the brands that support my work!
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14 thoughts on “Why I Switched To An Organic Mattress!”

  1. Wow, this post was eye-opening. I’ve always believed in a high-quality mattress for sound sleep, but hadn’t considered an organic one before. Thanks for sharing your experience and such helpful information!

  2. I’ve never heard of an organic mattress! Sounds so interesting I definitely want to check one out now! I’ve been wanting to read that book too!

  3. Wow, I had no idea mattresses had all these types of chemicals. I was just saying how I need a new mattress I will definitely look into organic mattresses!

  4. I had NO idea mattresses had so many chemicals! No wonder I can never get comfy or feel completely rested! I’d love to give one of these a try! Definitely going to look into one!

  5. Never heard of such thing of organic mattresses very interesting. While I am not an organic proponent it is interesting to see how this trend is permeating all industries. Thanks for the information.

  6. I go organic as much as I can but I never gave much though on bedsheets. Now that I read this, I will probably switch. The stats are scary :/

  7. I love the mission of this family! Nowadays everything labelled “organic”, “green”, etc, seem to be made for the elite only, and I hate that! We all should be able to afford healthy products and have healthy lifestyles!

  8. Buying a mattress is kind of a big investment. It makes so much sense that we only buy one that’s comfortable as well as not harmful or dangerous.

  9. These advice will come in handy when I pick a mattress. We are currently redecorating our master bedroom so I will definitely switch to organic mattress.

  10. I never thought about mattresses having harmful chemicals in them to pass testing, definitely not a good thing! My next mattress will be organic

  11. I didn’t even know organic mattresses were a thing! I’ve been trying to slowly switch over to organic products in my home and I’ve never thought to replace my mattress before.

  12. I’ve never thought about an organic mattress. After reading this I need to look into it.

  13. This post is an eye opener. I admit I been switching up various things in my life like no storage of foods in plastic, more organic foods, etc. I never thought of my mattress.

  14. I didn’t think about all of the elements that companies add to mattresses to get them to pass all the rigorous inspection that they give to it. And I definitely wouldn’t have thought about finding an organic mattress before this post. I do need to get myself a new mattress so thank you for helping me to think about finding one in a different way.

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