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Why getting sick is a gift for you… seriously!

It sounds strange, we are programmed to fear disease, to run away from them at all costs and even feel ashamed of suffering them. While an illness does not come with a beautiful wrapping paper, dedications notes and the usual happiness that a gift brings, getting sick may be the best thing that can happen to you.

My personal experience with my mom’s cancer and with all my clients as holistic health coached have opened my eyes to the beauty of this process. Modern life brings us into a thunderstorm of responsibilities, deadlines, meetings, personal commitments, etc. We rarely stop to take a breather and connect with our inner self.

Getting sick helps to finally push the pause button and listen to what our body wants to tell us; either poor diet, toxic relationships or behaviors, weak immune system, or as simple as that you need rest.

Regardless what your case is, a simple flu or something more challenging as my mom’s cancer, my proposal to you is that with the innocence of a child you see the following opportunities:

  • Develop patience and wisdom.
  • Appreciate the help of your loved ones in times of need.
  • Reconnect with your loved ones, and with your inner self.
  • Practicing gratitude and positivism.
  • Nurture your body properly (start eating cleaner and integrating eat more fruits and vegetables, less processed foods, hydrate).
  • Take time for yourself, relax.

When was the last time you did this? Often our inner warrior needs to return to his home, sharpen his sword before returning to battle. This is the gift of getting sick, the transformation of our consciousness, compassion, love for yourself and for others.

Xo, C

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