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Why do I have cellulite & still get breakouts? Accepting reality!

Hitting my thirties fell like a concrete block on my lap. I developed cellulite and started breaking out like crazy. Here I share the holistic plan I followed to fix that!

I’m not going to lie, hitting my thirties fell like a concrete block on my lap. 😩 All of a sudden I was working so much, hustling, newlywed responsibilities and couldn’t eat as good as I used to. And let’s not even get into the exercising situation because… it was BAAAD!!!

Before I knew it I had developed huge bumps on my legs and my booty, and no longer was I comfortable wearing shorts, started saying no to pool trips or beach trips with my girls or ANYTHING that required me to show the lower part of my body.

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Around that time, I had also made the conscious choice of stop taking contraceptives not because I wanted to get pregnant, but because of the HUGE ramifications contraceptives have in our bodies (more about that on future emails!)… Needless to say, my hormones were out of whack, coming for me with a vengeance worthy of Soraya Montenegro!

I needed a change…

I started exercising regularly again, and spent HUNDREDS of $$$ in skin products, that only left my pockets empty but still… minimal to zero improvements (on both ends).

Frustration was starting to kick in until I realized that I needed to be my own client. What the hell???!!! I make a living helping people to be healthier, happier and live their best life… surely, I could do the same for me, right?

I went into deep research to create a holistic plan for myself to help me:

  • Improve my cellulite (especially without crazy workout regimes or slave myself in the gym. I wanted to be realistic). Everything starts with nutrition baby!
  • Go back to a clear skin, acne, and breakouts free that I could feel comfortable  (I hate wearing tons of makeup, especially if it is to cover breakouts)
  • I wanted to treat BOTH from the inside out… Treat the CAUSES, and I wanted it to do it as natural as possible, and in a holistic way.

And that’s what I want to share with YOU. I want to share with you exactly how I did it… So I created the ByeBye Cellulite & BabyFace Series!

A series of conversations, webinars, downloadable starter pack e-book, blog posts, private support community, and series upgrade where I will be covering the basics of how I got myself back on track + recovered my health altogether.

The upgraded series will also contain interviews with holistic skin care specialists and even plastic surgeons. Hold up’… I have never gotten any plastic procedure myself (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but I found out that doctors specialized in the area have GREAT insights to share as to how to PREVENT needing to get under the knife in the first place, and if you already did and feel you are getting back to your previous self, how to PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT and maintain it!

First, we will start with webinars

Webinars Schedule

✓  FREE Webinar ByeBye Cellulite, Friday August 31st 8:30 pm EST

✓  FREE Webinar BabyFace Tuesday, September 4th 8:30 pm EST

You’ll be already subscribed in the webinars and receive everything straight to your inbox!

After you sign up, you’ll be hearing from me soon with schedules and everything you need to know about the series

IMPORTANT: This series will be FULL OF SELF-LOVE, we will also tap into our inner acceptance. Don’t believe the hype for one second that because you want to improve certain areas of your body it means that you don’t love yourself.

Because we love ourselves is that we deserve to be happy, healthy and motivated to live our best lives. Self-love is NOT about settling, is about fighting for that what makes you feel HAPPY!

Are you ready to feel confident, radiant, strong, and get to the holidays on your BEST GLOW UP ever?! Hope you’re as PUMPED as I am! 😼😼😼

I can’t wait to start this beautiful journey with you!

Xo, C

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