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What’s Dry Brushing? And Why You Need To Get On With It!

Celebrities swear by it with good reason, dry brushing your skin will not only help flush toxins but also improve cellulite, tone and much more

Have you tried Dry Brushing before? I swear by it!

It’s a wellness practice I am retaking this month after not doing it for a long time…. mainly, I’ve been lazy, but the benefits are so good that I couldn’t resist starting again and sharing it with you.

…I mean, celebrities like JLo (hi mom!), Miranda Kerr and Molly Sims swear by it too. Have you seen their body’s skin? It’s GORG! No dead skin, nada!  and if you follow me on Instagram where I talk about this ALL the time, then you’ll know that this is a common practice I encourage not only during the program but for the rest of your life!

Why You Need To Get On With It (a.k.a. BENEFITS!)

Brushing the skin without water is linked to the detox process because it helps stimulate the lymphatic drainage process. Lymph is our cellular-waste system that doesn’t have a heart to pump its own toxins out, a reason why the extra hand (dry brushing) it’s always a good idea.

Dry brushing your body a few times a week can improve your circulation, skin glow, help tone your legs and if that isn’t enough to get your attention, dry brushing has also been linked to improving the appearance of CELLULITE. Say whaaaaat? I’m in!

So the backs of your thighs and your butt are DEFINITELY areas to include in your dry brushing routine.

In short, Dry Brushing…

  1. Stimulates blood circulation (I have HUGE issues with this, so for me, this is my main reason!)
  2. Cleanses the lymphatic system
  3. Helps remove cellulite (Do you need more reasons? Lol)
  4. Removes dead skin
  5. Makes you feel energized (Here’s one of my favorite tricks for energy as well)
  6. Tightens skin, making you look younger
  7. Helps prevent premature aging

Celebrities swear by it with good reason, dry brushing your skin will not only help flush toxins but also improve cellulite, tone and much more

How You Do It

  1. Take about three to five minutes to dry-brush your whole body (I love to do it in the mornings and sometimes at night if I go to the gym in the evening, before taking a bath).
  2. Better if you do it naked so you can brush your whole body, that’s how I do it, but hey, whatever fly for you!
  3. Apply enough pressure to stimulate circulation, but not so much that it hurts. You’re going for a gentle yet vigorous process.
  4. Important tip: Brush upwards, always towards the heart (like the pic below). Do so in small and quick or circular motions until the skin appears pinkish red.
  5. Start at the knee, where the lymph nodes are, and brush the outside. Then brush the inside of the thigh towards the groin, followed by the calf, from the foot toward the groin. Finally, brush your booty from midline outward toward the hip. Repeat on the opposite leg.

What To Do Right After Dry Brushing

I love to literally drench my body in coconut oil. I go to the extremes when it comes to moisturizing, so bear with me jajaja… Shea Moisture sent me their Coconut Body Oil a few weeks ago, and I literally use it every day. My skin (especially the legs) absorb it like a dying man in the Sahara desert Lol it’s so, so good! It’s important to do it right after, while your pores are open and shedding dead skin cells, so you replenish the skin with the oil and help lock in moisture.

What Time Is Best & How Often

Dry brushing gives me SO MUCH FREAKING ENERGY, it’s amazing how the body works! Because of that, I prefer to do it in the morning, but sometimes I go to the gym at night and do it right after and feels good too… everybody is different, so you do you boo… try and see what works best for YOU.

I dry brush twice per week (sometimes, if I’m feeling like a rockstar, I do it 3 times per week!). As the skin heals and improves, it’s OK to do even more than that, but never more than three times a week because it can damage your skin rather than helping it, so be mindful.

Celebrities swear by it with good reason, dry brushing your skin will not only help flush toxins but also improve cellulite, tone and much more

What’s The Best Brush To Use

I like to use an all-natural bristle brush. The natural fibers help to balance the body’s natural oil production and it feels sooooo good. Just remember it’s best to set aside time for dry brushing before you bathe and make sure that your brush DOESN’T get wet.

Shop my picks for body brushes: CLICK HERE to check one of my favs and HERE for a 2nd option.

ALSO, for maintenance in between dry brushing days, I love to use exfoliating gloves with bath gel for the shower instead of a regular sponge.

Have you ever done dry brush? Will you try it?

Try doing it for 21 days (following the instructions above)… take before and after pictures, you should be able to see improvements! Tag me in your pictures and let’s all celebrate our improved -JLo approved- skin.

You can thank me later!!!

Xo, C

15 thoughts on “What’s Dry Brushing? And Why You Need To Get On With It!”

  1. I am going to try this! I’ve been having issues with circulation. Thank you Candy for sharing this

  2. I have never heard of this but you won me over at getting rid of cellulite!! Such an interesting post!!

  3. I’ve heard so much about dry brushing but I haven’t gotten on this trend yet! I totally mean to. :]


  4. I love dry brushing! I’ve been doing it for about six months and love how good it makes my skin feel.

  5. I have never heard of dry brushing before, but it definitely sounds like something I want to try!!

  6. This sounds really neat, and relaxing! I’ll have to give this a try. Haven’t heard of it before!

  7. Hi Candy. I started dry brushing almost 2 years ago. I was skeptical at first. The benefits were surprising.

    Have a beautiful day!

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