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Visiting NYC & NJ!

Want to join me?!

Every time I go to NYC or New Jersey, I have so much fun!

The east coast has always been very kind to me, we have a WONDERFUL connection… I mean, my best friend and my sister live there, so between that and work, it’s only natural I keep coming back literally every month.

The picture above was last summer with some of my beautiful ladies that attended one of my talks in NJ, and I’m so ready to do it all over again! I’ll be doing 2 different talks:

Be prepared to laugh, learn and be inspired. You’ll walk away with KNOWLEDGE and MOTIVATION.

So if you live in NYC & NJ, please share this post and invite your friends, family, and coworkers and enjoy a few amazing evenings full of wellness! 👅

Let me know if I’ll see your smiling face next week!

Let’s do this!

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