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We talked about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING when it comes to HEALTHY VAGINAS…

Your yearly visits to your GYN should not be the only time to think about your lady friend, or even worst when something is wrong and it started itching!


We cover:

  • Overall holistic health for your vagina… first, the basics!
  • How should my vagina look? Your partner or GYN should NOT be the first people to know what ya’ lookin like! If you know what she looks like healthy, you will also know what she looks like unhealthy.
  • How to overcome vagina dryness.
  • Say buh-bye to unpleasant odors, and itchiness.
  • Hidden risks of regular feminine care… How TOXIC are my pads, tampons, toilet paper, feminine wash? How it affects me? And what to do about it!
  • Hormonal imbalances that affect your vaginal health (which may lead to and magnify symptoms of fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, heavy periods, long menstruation, cramping, back pain & bloating), and HOW TO FIX IT!
  • Foods to eat to help balance your hormones, and maintain a healthy vagina.
  • WTF is Vaginal Steaming, and HOW CAN IT HELP ME?!
  • Shave OR Not Shave???
  • Natural supplements to support your vaginal health.
  • LIVE Q&A Session with us!


IMPORTANT: Since you missed the chance to attend LIVE, by purchasing your spot you will have access to the recordings of this AMAZING masterclass, the Q&A session we had + the e-book!


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About My Guest Host: Antoinette Erskine

A Woman’s Reproductive Health & Wellness Coach, Antoinette Erskine helps women take control of their health, so they can stop relying on medical interventions and start regulating their bodies for healthy reproductive health.

As a non-toxic lifestyle enthusiast, she spreads her passion for clean living to women of color who she believes is the most underserved community in regards to beauty, health, and wellness. Her passion for clean living stems from losing a loved one to breast cancer and her personal struggle with reproductive health issues. Before taking a professional leap from fashion and beauty to health & wellness, Antoinette immersed herself in “fixing” herself. She wanted to create a program for women who, too, were battling reproductive health issues secretly and alone. This later birthed Brown Girl in a Green World, a platform where she shares the truths, struggles, and beauty of being a woman of color in a world that doesn’t seem to be inclusive of her.

Antoinette has a BFA in Fashion Marketing, a licensed esthetician, and has a Masters in Health & Wellness Coaching and Integrative Health, and is a green beauty enthusiast. Her goals as a black, woman entrepreneur are to let women know that they are in control of their bodies, their health, and their happiness.


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About Me: Candy Calderon (Your Host!)

Candy Calderon Candy Calderon is the VOICE of a new generation! A highly sought-after speaker and brand ambassador, Candy makes sure her span of influence is impacting lives. A trailblazer in the Health & Wellness space for Latinas and women of color. Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, speaker & media personality.

Through her namesake page she shares her popular and outspoken takes on healthy living from the modern busy woman perspective, and taboo subjects very few talks about -but secretly want to know!- (colonics? oh yes… vaginal steaming? bring it on!) while still having fun, and a few glasses of wine or champagne in the process!

She’s the founder of the Glow Wellness Tour, her successful health & wellness event touring some of her favorites cities in US which she created as a response to the lack of representation and diversity (for Latinas & Women Of Color) in the wellness industry, and events.

Her insights are consistently featured in your favorite magazines, radio, and Tv. shows!


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