Supermarket Badass E-Book & Tour


Every part of the supermarket from the parking lot to checkout counter is designed to make you spend more money and buy more food than you need.

You may go to the store for milk and come away with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s (it was on sale), a fresh baguette (it smelled so good), a bag of chips and salsa (for fun), a few bottles of juice (while you’re here) and a magazine (JLo did what?!).

ALSO, there are so many CONFUSING options when it comes to your health!

I’ll teach you all my tips & tricks…

  • How (and WHAT) to buy in season
  • Which fruits & veggies are worth buying organic and which are NOT
  • How to read labels
  • How to spend less and still buy quality
  • My favorite brands
  • My exact list of things I buy almost every time I go to the supermarket!
  • Supermarket consumer psychology
  • And so much more!

You’ll walk out of this session like wiser, ready to navigate the supermarket like the badass you are and more equipped to make better decisions… I know it can be daunting!


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