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Road Tripping: How To Stay Healthy On A Road Trip

Staying healthy can be tricky while on a road trip. Here are my basic tips on how you can make that happen and enjoy the process!

Last month I was invited to cover BlogHer, one of the biggest conference for women bloggers and influencers in USA. Needless to say, I was super thrilled and decided to make the trip driving instead of taking a flight. I live in Miami, so it was around 4 hours drive… ok, doable.

That’s where my friends from Subaru came in… I was lucky enough to be able to test drive their All-New 2017 Subaru Impreza and THANKS GOD! It was my first trip where I’m the one doing the driving (my friend Anadel came with me) so it was super important for me to feel comfortable and to know that I was driving a reliable & safe car.

And it was RED you guys…. I think a girl should always have a red car at least once in her life! What can I say, I’m a girl’s girl 🙂


Let me tell you what I absolutely LOVED about the new Subaru

  • I feel like it’s a car every girl can drive… it’s NOT intimidating and VERY easy to manipulate and understand. Do you know what I mean? 😉
  • I love that it was created taking in consideration driving pleasure, agility, crash protection (KEY!) and ride comfort.
  • The seats are made in leather and SUPER comfortable.
  • The EyeSight Driver Assist you guys…. MAJOR! I can’t tell you how much this means to my peace of mind…  It also comes with Pre-Collision Braking, and —new to Impreza for 2017— Lane Assist systems.
  • TONS of space… like, you cannot imagine… we packed like crazy, brought coolers, cameras, you name it. It all fit perfectly and comfortably.
  • And last but not least, I LOVED their new STARLINK™ Multimedia system which allowed me to synchronize my phone with the car to hear my own music, receive calls and see the GPS directly in the car’s screen instead of having to look at my phone all the time!


We got to BlogHer safe and smooth, and had a BALL!

As usual, we got together with many of our friends and fellow influencers. Badass women from all over USA… We got to see Chelsea Clinton, Serena Williams, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

This type of events demands a LOT from your energy and focus. You gotta stay sharp and also stay present to be able to enjoy everything that’s going on. This is not the time to be living on fast food, candy bars, bags of chips and soda.

Staying healthy was more than a wish, it was a necessity. Keep reading to see how we managed.

1. Fresh fruits & Nut mixes

We brought with us apples, oranges, and bananas… It’s always better to munch on these type of fruits for that little sugar kick, than reaching for processed foods full of refined sugar that will ultimately give you a sugar crash and make you feel lethargic.

2. Drink water baby!

This one is a MUST. We took refillable water bottles with us and kept constantly sipping from it throughout the day.

3. Bring a cooler with you

How smart is this? You will not only save money but also time from having to stop every-time-you-get-hungry.

Besides water, I made sure to pack my favorites juices and helloooo my favorites ever, ever Daily Harvest. Their overnight oats and chia seed pudding were nothing short of LIFE-SAVING, I just have to pour some water and leave it be overnight, and voila. It saved me so much money from having to buy expensive hotel food… and I love that all the ingredients are organic, non-GMO, lots of superfoods and anti-inflammatory. You know how much I like those —Use code CANDY to get 3 FREE on your first order!

4. Clean (pre-sliced) veggies & hummus

Anything that has hummus in it is a GO for me. Carrot sticks, celery, peppers, the crunchier the better. Nom, nom, nom!

5. UberEats is your best friend!

Unless you want to spend LOTS of money, I feel like UberEats is life-saving because even if you’re new to the area you are visiting (that’s what road trips are made for!) and not aware of the options around, you can search your options and order food and don’t have to spend crazy money on expensive hotel food. I found many yummy options, just searching for vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurants near the hotel I was staying at.

If you have never tried UberEats, go ahead and download the App, out because it can be a game changer when it comes to staying healthy while you travel —Use code eats-candyc415ue on your first order, for a cool $10 dollars off— not bad right?

Ok mi gente, I think those are my basic tips for staying healthy while on a road trip, and of course saving some money in the process.

Do you have any other tips and tricks to stay healthy and on a budget on a road trip?

Share with me in the comments. I’d love to know!

Xo, C

+ This post was done in collaboration with the All-New 2017 Subaru Impreza which I LOVED driving. As usual, all opinions are my own. Thanks for showing love to the brands that support my work!
++ Pics by Laboratorio 1919

26 thoughts on “Road Tripping: How To Stay Healthy On A Road Trip”

  1. Pre sliced stuff is my secret weapon! It’s so easy to just snack on and I am way more likely to eat it if there’s less work involved! I was at BlogHer too! Loved it!

  2. It’s so important to eat healthy on a road trip. With the kids in tow, we always have the cooler stocked with healthy options. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I never bring a cooler on the road but that’s such a great idea!!

  4. I love the idea of bringing a cooler. We do this a lot because it both fits our minimal waste journey, but also because my youngest daughter can’t have processed food so we NEED to pack everything for her. Plus the money it saves us is amazing!

  5. Wow these are great tips, not just for a road trip either. I could probably apply these to every day life haha

  6. That’s so cool you got to test drive that car! Definitely agree with bringing a cooler on road trips!

  7. I always have a cooler stocked on road trips to minimize stops and cut out having to buy junk food along the way. I am seriously going to check out Daily Harvest though as it sounds like I would love their offerings and they would be fantastic for road trips.

  8. Love the advice for the water. I think that is basic and we forget it easily.

  9. I always stock the cooler with plenty of water and fresh veggies, it’s a lifesaver on the road. I’ve never used UberEats and will have to check that out as well.

  10. Packing healthy snacks is such a lifesaver. We seem to fall into the trap sometimes of being underprepared, and then when you get starving you drive to the closest thing which is usually not so healthy! So snacks – all of them!

  11. This post has some great ideas! I always have the hardest time staying healthy when traveling…thanks for sharing!

  12. Great tips. We always take a cooler with us, and pack a ton of healthy snacks as well!

  13. My go to for healthy road tripping is pack your own. Better for you foods that are easily accessible and you know you will like and enjoy.

  14. So I’m assuming that your road trip was a really short one like maybe only an hour long? The only reason I say that is because anyone who goes on a real road trip like 12 hours or more of driving, knows you can’t just sit on water the whole time or you spend most of your time in a rest area taking a pee then you do on the road. I’m a little confused.

    • Clearly, you didn’t read the whole article and missed where I mention fruits, veggies, hummus and mixed nuts as part of our road trip’s food. Oh, and you also missed the part where I say the length of my trip —4 hours— Hope that clears your confusion darling! 😉

  15. Great tips! I have a Subaru too and I love it. Crunchy veggies are the only ones I can stand haha.

  16. bringing cooler on road trip is really an awesome eider 🙂 Would love to do that on next one , Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wow, the car looks super cool. I am sure you had all eyes envying you!

  18. Ahhh, I always got to make sure I bring my snacks with me everywhere I go! I have started packing healthy snacks now too to avoid eating junk food. I haven’t tried UberEats yet but I’m sure I will soon!

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