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New Collab Alert… Daily Harvest x Candy!!!

My curated box with Daily Harvest is OUT! Read all about it and ORDER YOURS to get my fave DH dishes, each with sassy annotations from me so you know why I love them!

I am soooooo excited to finally be able to reveal my BRAND NEW COLLABORATION with Daily Harvest! It’s been in the works for months… and I’m just so giddy with excitement because they truly are one of my favorite wellness brands.

They have believed in me, and my voice since the beginning, and to be able to work as an influencer with such an amazing company and CREATE MY OWN CURATED BOX is just… no words really…. just beyond!!!

What can you expect on my Daily Harvest x Candy curated box?

You will find my fave Daily Harvest dishes, each one with sassy annotations from me so you know why I love them. You know I had to be a lil’ extra Lol 😂 You’ll find an assortment of super yummy, nutritious foods, —from their best selling Cacao & Avocado smoothie, or the Turmeric Latte 🙌🏽 to their Cauliflower Rice & Pesto… Un abuso tantas delicias!!!!

Check My Curated Box And Order Yours Right Now!

What I like the best is that they are very AFFORDABLE, which means that you are pretty much in a win-win situation. So I have a special code for you to try and get some freebies 🙂

Use the code CANDY for $25 OFF on your first order!!!

Daily Harvest is an amazing company that ships you frozen ready-to-blend ingredients for Super-Food Smoothies, Soups, Activated Oats & Chia Parfaits. The organic, non-GMO fruits, veggies, and superfoods—like kale, cashew butter, and matcha—are organized by nutritionists and chefs into 14 different yummy blends.

Basically, all you have to do is open, add milk, water or coconut water, blend and voila… None of the prep, all of the victory! Like I told you, PERFECT for us lazy/busy people, right? Ha!

I am currently SO OBSESSED with the turmeric latte (in the pic above)… OMG!

It’s a blend of organic mango and pineapple, ginger and turmeric (no surprise here, you guys know I’m obsessed with turmeric!), whose anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects make it one of the most powerful spices at combatting disease, lowering cholesterol and regulating blood pressure. The mix also has some hemp seed, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, and pepper… they really outdid themselves with this one.

TAG ME when you upload pictures enjoying your Daily Harvest x Candy curated edit… and of course, use the #CandyGlowSquad hashtag so I can cheer you up too! ❤️🔥


When you make your first order use the code CANDY and you’ll get 3 FREE smoothies!

Lemme go and make my turmeric latte to get on with my day… I am creating LOTS of cool stuff for you guys. Stay tuned 🙂

♡ ♡ ♡

“How To Boost Your Immune System Holistically”

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~ Candy

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+ + This post was made in collaboration with Daily Harvest. As usual, all opinions are my own. Thanks for showing love to the brands that support my work! #DailyHarvest #TasteMaker #92ways92days

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