Immune System Masterclass

Immune System Masterclass

FREE MASTERCLASS: How To Boost Your Immune System!
In light of our current challenges with COVID-19, keeping our immune system strong is a MUST as it will help our bodies fight off this infection just as it does with other viruses and infections we face on a regular basis.

What you'll learn..

– How to boost your immune system with easy to follow steps even if you’re super busy, have kids or limited budget
– My most successful tricks make your immune system STRONG to help you PREVENT (or fight off) infections 
– E-book for you to download
– Live Q&A with me!

About Your Coach: Candy Calderon

Certified holistic health & wellness coach, and an avid healthy lifestyle expert. Through her namesake page she shares her popular and outspoken takes on healthy living from the modern, busy woman-entrepreneur perspective and taboo subjects very few talk about, while still having fun, and a few glasses of wine in the process! 

Bachelor’s Degree in Business + Master’s Degree in International Business which allowed her to travel the world for several years with different international corporations developing their businesses, but always felt in her heart that health & wellness were her true calling.

After her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis, she took it upon herself to learn everything needed to help her heal faster and naturally, decided to go back to school to nutrition school to get certified as a holistic health & wellness coach, and her career in the wellness space began.

She has coached thousands of women all over the world, and regularly keynote speaks on health & wellness topics for busy women and how to prevent and reverse diseases, instead of reacting to them. Her insights are often featured in Tv. and written media.