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So, I Did A Clearing Ritual (Perfect For New Years Or Anytime You Need!)

It's always amazing to clear the energy and vibes around us, but no better time than the New years! This is my fav sage smudge clearing ritual, super easy!


I’ve been always such a believer in the energy of things… how it affects us (even if we don’t know it) and how it permeates literally freaking EVERYTHING in our lives.

I truly believe in my inner Bruja…

… you see, as a Latina, I feel like its embedded in our DNA, but sometimes we are too scared to explore it.

Society? People? Who cares what other people think!!! Since I can remember, I have always done some kind of ritual for the new years or whenever I feel the energy around me is heavy.

Any given day you’ll catch me pulling myself some Angel Cards (Whaaaat? you don’t own an angel card deck? or ANY deck at all? Ok, so what’s life?!), I’ll go deep into prayers and meditation, sometimes even do a little yoga and come out with a FULL different outlook on whatever situation I’m going through.

It's always amazing to clear the energy and vibes around us, but no better time than the New years! This is my fav sage smudge clearing ritual, super easy!

Got it from my Grandma!

My grandma has been my biggest inspiration… She was UNAPOLOGETIC about her believes, about her gifts and about the way she saw the world.

From decoding dreams to calculate numbers to play the lotto Lol, to protection rituals for all her grandkids, to “feeling stuff” that would happen at a later date… My grandma always got us. She was and is my greatest inspiration.

She passed away recently, so I would like to believe that writing this post would have made her happy.

(Perfect For New Year, But For Whenever You Need Actually!)

It's always amazing to clear the energy and vibes around us, but no better time than the New years! This is my fav sage smudge clearing ritual, super easy!

For this clearing ritual, I asked Renee Longworth to share her fave with me so I could share it with you guys.

I’m obsessed with Renee and I have learned SO MUCH from her… she’s a Feng Shui Consultant, Energetic Healing Practitioner, Geomancer, and Meditation Facilitator. She has been professionally practicing for 10 years!

I promise, I PROMISE I will bring her along for a more in-depth interview because she’s that AWESOME!

♡ ♡ ♡

In case you are wondering what’s a smudge clearing, I’ll let Renee explain it:

It’s almost like you are stamping your dreams and desires into your space and asking for it to hold this on your behalf. Imprinting your goals into your home environment. Doing a Space Clearing ritual to herald in the New Year energy is a very powerful practice you can do to cement your intentions for the coming 2018.

♡ ♡ ♡

Here is a simple ritual that you can do to cleanse your space of the energy of 2017 and welcome in the new 2018 (Or whenever you need to clear your vibes!)

1) Firstly, open either all your windows or if you are in the cold of winter, just one or two. This will help in the clearing process but also stop your smoke alarm from going off! And provide you with great ventilation.

2) Meditate and ground your energy. By meditating and grounding your energy you become centered, which provides you with the ability to connect well with your space, move through the energy, and transform it. You can easily do this by sitting and focusing on your breath for just 5 minutes or more. Also taking your shoes off is the best way to perform your cleanse as this helps you to ground and connect with your space.

3) You may wish to call in some ‘Spiritual Helpers’ to assist you in your cleansing ritual. This can be any Higher Energy you personally resonate with e.g. Angels, Spirit Guides etc.

4) Set your intention. It’s important you become clear on what it is that you wish to banish from your space, especially some main themes that you experienced in 2017 e.g. fear, neglect, self-doubt. And then think about what you wish to invoke or welcome into your space and life for the coming year. e.g. happiness, abundance, joy. You may wish to write these down to make it a more tangible process.

5) Then with your smudge stick, a lighter and a ceramic bowl or tray you can use to catch ash or burning embers, you can start your clearing. There are many other space clearing tools you can also use e.g., crystal singing bowls, bells, incense, though for this post we are focusing on smudging.

6) You can start either at your front door or from your Altar or ‘spiritual workstation’. Whatever feels right for you. Then firstly smudge yourself, from your feet to your head. This helps to clear your personal energies and prepares you for the space clearing.

7) Light your smudge stick and then start moving around your space. I usually snake around each room of the home or biz, making sure you get into each nook and cranny as this is where stagnant energy loves to hang out. Also, focus on areas which feel harder to move through. Go with your intuition and see where it takes you.

8) Whilst smudging your space, focus on the energies you wish to clear from your space and with intention and also infusing your space with your positive desires for 2018.

9) Once you have snaked through your entire home, complete your ritual by meditating, centering and sending gratitude to any Higher Spirits you have asked to help. Also, thank your home for providing you with a safe and supportive place in which to live and for the gifts of 2018 to come.

♡ ♡ ♡

And there you have it…

… Do you have any end of the year ritual, tradition or simple things you like to do to enter the new year with a bang? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!

12 grapes anyone? Lol

Happy smudging and HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!

Xo, C

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