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KYRZAYDA (How To Support A Friend Going Through Cancer)

Supporting a friend with Cancer is VERY important, but sometimes we miss the mark on the proper way to do so. Here's some DO's & DON'T when it comes to that.

{UPDATE} My sweet friend Kyrzayda has lost her battle with Cancer and is no longer with us. I say lost just for the sake of giving context. For me, she WON… she fought HARD, never gave up, and inspired so many of us in the process. I will KEEP FIGHTING to keep creating awareness about PREVENTION, and now more than ever I know that I can’t ever stop.

Love you K, heaven gained a fierce angel!!!

Writing this is a tough one.

…You have Cancer. The f*cking words nobody wants to hear, yet here we are, hearing them on a daily basis.

I’m writing this long overdue post in honor of my mom, who is a cancer survivor and the most fierce, badass woman I’ve met in this life. I’m also writing this piece, inspired by my friend Kyrzayda Rodriguez.

Kyrzayda was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer at the end of last year. Seeing her fight EVERY DAY, wake up, work her ass off, and keep following her dreams (even when she’s feeling like sh*t because of chemo), just reconfirms to me what I always knew since I met her so many years ago… just like my mom, she’s a fighter, she’s a goddess, she has a special gift to give to this world.

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They both had cancer, cancer has NEVER, and will NEVER have them… and by the glory of God, I believe and declare that just like my mom, K is already also a winner in this battle!

How We Met

We met a few years ago when I asked her to style me for an Influential Latinos in Philly awards I was attending. I asked her fees and she didn’t want to charge me… because that’s who she is, a really giving person. I didn’t want to accept it and offered her my holistic nutrition & wellness services instead since I knew how important wellness was for her.

Next thing I knew, we had a deal! She poured her magic on me and I felt radiant that day, thanks to her styling advice and eye for details.

A few weeks later, we met at a Whole Foods in NJ for my in-person Supermarket Badass Tour Coaching, and the rest is history… we’ve been supporting each other personally and professionally ever since. We’ve been on an influencer trip in Philly together, we’ve been together in Miami, and as random of randomness have it, we even bumped into each other walking NYC’s streets in an evening we totally didn’t know we were going to be in NYC at the same time… craaaazy!

Why I’m Doing This

Everybody who knows her well will know that she will give and support you to the best of her capabilities, without necessarily expecting anything in return, as long as she sees you’re a good person and don’t have a hidden agenda.

That’s why today IS MY TURN AGAIN, to give back to HER, and keep giving to all of you!

After discussing this many times and with her authorization, I will be rolling out a series of webinars and blog posts to create awareness on:


It is my HONOR, that through my experience as a Holistic Nutrition & Wellness coach and my experience with my mom (read a little bit here on my “about section“) I can keep helping my community (that’s you!).

Neither Kyrzayda or I, could’ve been where we are without the people who believe in us and support our work, what we do, and help us keep following our dreams.

Let’s all dream together and learn how to be healthier so we can keep reaching for those goals and those dreams!


Health Mistakes You’re Making That May Be “Switching On” Cancer For You, and Steps To Fix It


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Supporting a friend with Cancer is VERY important, but sometimes we miss the mark on the proper way to do so. Here's some DO's & DON'T when it comes to that.

Supporting a friend with Cancer is VERY important, but sometimes we miss the mark on the proper way to do so. Here's some DO's & DON'T when it comes to that.

Things to NOT do!

These points are as important as the DO’s… why? Because sometimes common sense is not so common, we don’t necessarily understand what our friends or loved ones are going through and even if we’re coming from a place of love, we might be doing things that are unwelcomed.

  • Refrain yourself from giving them “tips”… For the love of God, if you’re not a certified person to be giving medical advice. You might be doing more harm than good.
  • Do not, I repeat, DO NOT tell them to STOP CHEMO and go for natural remedies… LOOK, I’m a holistic health & wellness coach and I’m telling you right now. PLEASE STOP! You cannot tell a person with aggressive cancer, to just drink beet juice or juice their life away… Chemo has its place and unfortunately, IT IS necessary in most cases. Let the juicing and other holistic tips, be part of their overall holistic approach, but not just the ONLY thing.
  • DO NOT guilt trip them if they can’t take your calls, reply to your messages, can’t show up, or even pay much attention to you when you visit.
  • Be positive, and encouraging but don’t say “everything will be OK”…. you can’t guarantee that.
  • Don’t say ‘I know what you’re going through’, unless you REALLY know what they are going through… If you haven’t had cancer yourself, it would be better to say ‘I know you’re having a difficult time.’
  • Don’t make Cancer the main topic of your conversations with them (as noted in the DO tips). Don’t be afraid to gossip, talk about old times, about travel plans, whatevs help them to focus on things other than their illness.
  • Reconsider bringing them food (unless you’re a holistic coach, nutritionist, or part of her recovery team). They might be on a special diet and empanadas, or arroz con leche might not be the best for them at the moment!
  • Don’t be an as*hole and tell them (especially if it is a woman), ‘you look so great with the weight you’ve lost!’… TRUST ME, there are people out there that think this is a compliment. And again, might be coming from a place of love, but common sense people, common sense!

I could think of so many more… but mainly, let’s think and act with love, kindness, and empathy ALWAYS!

Hope these tips serve and pleaseee SHARE THIS BLOG. It can help so many others! You can:



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4 thoughts on “KYRZAYDA (How To Support A Friend Going Through Cancer)”

  1. Wow, this is really good sending it to lots people. I was diagnosed with breast kidney and ovarian cancer last year. All three were primary cancers and not related. I’ve been going through treatment and in April was one year from my diagnosis. It’s only May, and I have been going for my follow-up scans and they found a spot on my lung. I just want all this to stop. The do’s and don’ts are spot-on. God bless your mom and kyrzayda, may God grant them the strength and the will to fight!

  2. Thank you for doing this! I started following Kyrzayda when I was diagnosed in December. Seeing her continue to shine despite the changes in her physical appearance really help me embrace my own changes. Before being diagnosed, i led a healthy lifestyle… eating well, exercising, sleeping well… all of that is really hard now and are out of my control (eating is iffy because of nausea so i’m consuming a lot of carbs). I’m excited about your webinar and thank you for taking the time and energy to do this for everyone but especially us cancer folk 🙂

    • You got this! I’m happy you are feeling better about yourself, as this is CRUCIAL when going through a cancer journey. The emotional aspects are as important as the physical ones in order to win this battle. See you on the webinar and feel free to share this blog post, so more people enroll in the webinar and learn! Xo

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