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How I’m taking care of myself, my family, & my business during COVID-19

Taking care of your health & wellness (and your loved ones) is now more important than ever due to this COVID-19 situation. Here I'm sharing how I'm taking care of myself, my family & my business!

How have you been taking care of yourself in response to this ‘Rona (Coronavirus) situation?

I wanted to reach out and encourage you to give yourself some grace… and take a moment to grieve where you thought your life, your health, or your finances were going to be right now or this year. Things are changing, and fast.

The faster you accept the reality of what’s happening around you, around your city, and around the world, the faster you can adjust and protect yourself and your loved ones for what’s now the inevitable, and prolonged social distancing norms (at least until the end of summer).

I know this new reality is HARD to accept and that you’re probably feeling sad, anxious and maybe a little bit in denial but I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that YOU’RE NOT ALONE. For many of us, this is the first pandemic we’ve seen and where our health is being compromised so much.

I don’t promise to know all the answers, but I can commit to being here with you every step of the way supporting you and sharing my own journey navigating this new world.

Here’s how I’ve been pivoting, executing and plotting for the coming weeks:

1. I’ve been planing, and executing assuming that I would get sick, or at the very least that my husband would get sick AND that I would do my part by NOT going to medical professionals for help unless strictly necessary. Therefore, I prepped for being highly uncomfortable, high on meds, and stuck in my apartment.

Many of you who read me, and follow me on social media are under the age of 40, consider how you will treat yourself if (and when) you get sick, and make a plan for it. Our world will be better off if you’re prepared to self treat Vs. going into a crowded hospital lacking resources to help you anyways.

2. I planned a new diet & complete wellness plan to reduce quarantine weight, keep my brain fresh, and sharp. 

I stocked up on veggies, leafy greens, fruits, good fats, fish, and plant-based protein sources. Also, I’m monitoring what I eat, and not nibbling all day. Consider being mindful of your eating habits while you adjust to being at home. You’ll be surprised at how healthy this new world may make you.

I’m committed to come out healthier out of this, to keep my immune system strong as a horse so my body is better equipped to fight off the virus if I get it, and to not put on the Corona 15 (pounds)… I even challenged myself to lose a few pounds if I’m being honest!

3. I started working out at home to stay sane.

I used to workout in the gym, do yoga and weights 4-5 times a week + sauna at least 2 times per week. With my gym and yoga studio closed, I’m doing home work-outs, and virtual yoga classes. They really do the work, and kick my butt!

♡ ♡ ♡

How I’m prepared to keep helping YOU, and the Glow Squad Community during COVID-19:

Besides the FREE #GlowAtHome wellness support series, I’ve been paying attention to all your requests of needing MORE GUIDANCE & DIRECT HELP! So I’m going to make sure that you can get that help from me.

Making your health & wellness a priority is KEY right now, so I’m doing a LIVE support + Coaching call this Sunday 19th, that you can join for only $27.

For those of you who need more direct guidance, steps by steps, and support to pivot and stabilize during this time I will be doing this LIVE video coaching session. So grab some green juice, a kombucha, or even some wine girl and come hangout with other women just like you, action-takers ready to get the clarity they need, some structure and more direct guidance so we can all work through this together.

In this 2 hours LIVE Coaching Call, I’ll be walking you through how to create a health & wellness plan for you (and your family/loved ones), how to structure your day while working from home with maximum wellness in mind, prevention steps to make your home failproof to the virus, diet changes you must make ASAP, personal risks (and opportunities) to consider, how to prep for the worst-case scenario health-wise.

I will also be answering any and all questions you may have right there, and give you direct coaching!

I hope to see you this Sunday!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions you want me to answer on the call, or DM me on Instagram.

Be calm, stay healthy and safe… and I love you!

~ Candy

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