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Healthier Swaps – Halloween Sweets

If you want to give your kids healthier Halloween candies without GMOs, artificial colors, or controversial preservatives, I got a list for you!

Kids are NOT going a love me this Halloween!

As a matter of fact, they NEVER do this time of the year OR the rest of the holidays Lol

I just can’t bring myself to feed all the kids knocking at my door with candies filled with all these chemicals, trans fats, preservatives and petroleum-based artificial colors added to it – nop, sorry I refuse.

A variation of this happens every time:

When it comes to things like Halloween candy, not everyone agrees with me —of course. Halloween candies are not healthy in the first place… so, understandably, some people will always say “Oh well, it’s only once a year. Who cares?!

And it’s TOTALLY ok, if that’s your choice. I’m aware kids needs to have their fun.

But I want to do my part to bring awareness that while all Halloween’s candies are still (most likely) full of sugar, there are safer and healthier options out there.

And if you already try to avoid GMOs, artificial colors, flavors, and controversial preservatives, the Halloween shouldn’t be the exception. There are soooo many better options available out there nowadays!!!

Healthier Halloween Sweets Options:

In all honesty, these candies can very well serve you even for the rest of the holidays!

The best part is that I doubt they’ll notice that you are giving them healthier options… you can also paint Halloween faces on oranges or apples. That’s what I did last year and was surprised that none of them pulled a “Fez” on me #Win

If you end up giving the oranges or healthier sweets and you live to tell the tale, TAG ME in your pictures with your kids’ reactions… I would LOVE to see! Lol

Hope the info in this post serves you.

Xo, C

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  1. I was wondering what you considered healthier candy options. I’ve had/given Sammy YumEarth’s & Annie’s. We received lots of candies during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party & it’s all going to DR along with what we receive on Tuesday. Thanx!

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