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Healthy Father’s Day Gift Guide!

If you're looking for gift ideas for your dad on this Father's Day, that will support his health & wellness goals I got you covered! Check my the list of my fav picks :)

I know, I know… we always leave dad for last BUT fear not because I got you covered with this healthy father’s day gift guide!

I looked up through TONS of father’s day gift guides and couldn’t find one that wasn’t just grills, whiskey and poker games related. It’s like we are putting ALL dads in the same category, and I know for SURE that a great deal of ‘papis’ out there will appreciate a gift that supports their health & wellness goals.

… Ya’ know what I mean?

Healthy Father’s Day Gift Guide
For The Cool & Healthy Papa!


Mumba Wine Saver Pump Preserver

This sexy wine vacuum preserver is a wine lover dream! It helps to delay decomposition of wine by removing oxygen from the bottle – Extends the life of opened bottles of wine up to 7 days… yeiiiii. This super elegant metallic grey and wooden wine keeper and savers stoppers kit it’s the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast dad!

Winc (Wine Subscription Box)

Because in life everything is about balance!

Winc is not your traditional wine club: they take the hassle and guesswork out of picking a bottle (0r several Lol) for Dad from your local liquor store and delivers the perfect bottles directly to his doorstep (he will take a little quiz to learn about his palate)… They do all this as part of their quest to improve the experience for consumers, create a platform for artisanal winemaking, and build a grape-to-glass supply chain that’s sustainable for the planet (they have amazing vegan, eco-friendly, and organic options, yeiii!).

What’s even better is that for Father’s Day, you can save $22 off your first month of Winc. Simply go to Winc’s webpage and voila!

Omron EVOLV Heart Blood Pressure Monitor


This heart blood pressure monitor from Omron is an amazing gift if your Dad suffers from high blood pressure, or has high blood pressure in his family. Knowing his blood pressure numbers throughout the day can help him see a heart attack or stroke coming and take action to save his life. Plus, it’s super light and compact, he can pretty much take it with him everywhere even when traveling.

Clinically-accurate which is HIGHLY important. It can transmit readings wirelessly to his mobile with the “Omron Connect” app. But even if he is not into apps, he can use the monitor without a smart device!

Caliloko Compression Tights & Calf Sleeves

I loooooove these compression tights and calf sleeves. If he likes to train OR run, you’ve GOT to get him this. Caliloko tights & compression calf sleeves will help reduce muscle vibration and prevent swelling, the perfect combination to minimize muscle injury and soreness.

He can wear these calf sleeves every day for any workout or high-intensity fitness activities, or if he suffers from circulation issues as well, these are a keeper! Check them out at Caliloko’s web page.

G-Shock GBA800

Who doesn’t love a G-SHOCK???? With this model, he will be able to connect it to his phone app, and step counts log with five exercise intensity levels, calorie calculations, and step targets. Say whaaat? The ability to use the app to create timer combinations and send them to the watch, to store stopwatch measurement data, to view data and more all combine to help you plan and record your workouts, making them more effective and enjoyable. Other features include app-based auto time setting correction and other features for more efficient timekeeping, and an Auto Double LED Light to facilitate workouts in areas where lighting is dim.

And the colors are to die for… Check them out at the G-Shock website!

Saje Ultrasonic Diffuser



Help Dad infuse his air with the vitality of nature, enhance his well being and create a soothing atmosphere by bringing the power of 100% natural essential oils into his home… There’s nothing better like connecting mind, body and spirit. Check this cute model PERFECT for dad at Saje’s website!

Guided Meditation Course

It’s no secret to anybody how meditation changed my life and this program right here has been a LIFESAVER FOR ME! Grab the Understanding Meditation 21 Days Audio Program for Dad! to help him fight stress and help his mind be more at peace and balanced… this program is perfect even for beginners! (Versión en español del programa tambien disponible) Seriously, this program was KEY check it out!

SunBasket Food Delivery Box

Help dad with his grocery shopping and take out the annoying problem for him of guessing recipe ingredients in order to cook healthy meals? SunBasket is a life saver for us…Organic and sustainable ingredients & delicious recipes delivered weekly, and YES they have plant-based friendly options too… Aleluyah!!! For this Father’s Day, they are having a $40 off on your first box… Now go get him one!

Health & wellness books On-The-Go

These books made a profound impact in my life & health journey, I want to share them all with you!

If he is into books but is short on time tell him to “listen” to his books instead of reading, I TOTALLY recommend Audible!

Need health & wellness book ideas? Check here for the books that changed my health journey!

Apeiron Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

This amazing eco-friendly yoga mat from Apeiron Yoga is PERFECT for the yogi dad who enjoys a good practice. This mat is designed to evoke the spirit of adventure and endless possibilities. It was developed with a non-slip technology, so no matter how much you sweat, gone are the days of slipping, towel bunching, and mat tears.

For The Items From Amazon

It’s best if you get PRIME membership. You can totally sign up for their 30 Days FREE trial and if after that 1 month you decide that you don’t want to keep it, I say get the advantage of it now and order all the stuff you need using the free trial… I’m a genius, right? Lol

I personally LOVE Amazon, because that way I don’t even have to get out of my house, and honestly, their prices are always the best. I also love their 2 days delivery and I think every person taking charge of their health should have one, because it will save you TONS of money when ordering your supplements, healthy kitchen gadgets, books, etc.

CLICK HERE to get your FREE month’s trial!

Ok guys, happy hunting for Dad, and hope your gift supports him o getting the greatest gift of all… HEALTH!

Xo, C

Some links may be affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you purchase the item through my link (to no additional cost to you!). Thank you for your support! XOXO

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