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Why Your Health Goals Are Failing (And What To Do Instead!)

There's a reason why you can't seem to win with your health goals, here I tell you WHY and exactly what you need to do to change that!

Let’s get straight to it. I get the same complaints over and over again… A variation of these:

* I can’t lose weight

* I’m just never going to be able to beat my cravings

* It’s too hard

* I feel like crap, but I can’t help myself

You get my drift…


These Are The Reasons Why Your Health Goals Are Failing

You are failing, because your health goals:


Are not specific

You say “I want to get healthier” but when faced with the birthday parties, rose with the girls, and the family vacation, your goals falls by the wayside.

Are unrealistic

“I want to go the gym 5x/week.” Really? You’ve been hitting the gym twice per month for the last year (if any!), now you want all of the sudden raise the bar up to 5 times per week?. Setting unrealistic, highly aspirational goals is a quick way to guilt and failure.

Are based on willpower, not systems

You say, “I want to walk more” instead of parking your car 10 minutes away (if safe to do so).

“I want to stop messing around and go to sleep earlier” instead of testing different ways of falling asleep (like leaving our laptop in the other room, unplugging our TV, quietly covering our partner’s face with a pillow, etc). Hey, it’s a test! Lol

You know your WHAT, but not your WHY! 

This is a MAJOR key y’all… Yes, you want to get fit, lose weight, or be healthy… but why is your goal important to you? For example: Do you want to be healthier so you can be a positive example that your children can admire and look up to? Or so you can be energetic and go after those Girl-Boss moves you have all mapped out but don’t have the energy to tackle?

Your WHY is more important than your WHAT… because it WILL get you behind moving!



What To Do Instead


Start by implementing S.M.A.R.T. health goals! WTF does that even mean?

Goals that are Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Realistic – Timely

When you set effective goals, you will achieve more. Goals provide focus, enhance productivity, bolster self-esteem, and increase commitment. When setting a goal, clearly outline the series of steps for achieving it to stay on track and reduce overwhelm. With practice, you will find that you are able to achieve more than you thought you could.

One Step At A Time

You will need to unlearn old habits and absorb new information. Give yourself permission to go slowly, Rome was not built in a day girl! Big changes do not require big leaps. As far as your body is concerned, permanent change is more likely to happen gradually rather than through severe, crazy diets. Proceed with care for yourself and have fun in the process!

Make Your Goals Convenient

The more difficult and time consuming it is to take an action, the less likely you will do it. This is why so many people who buy gym memberships drop out—it’s just not that convenient. Get everything you need ready ahead of schedule so that when it is time to take action, you can, as Nike says, “Just Do It.”

Exercise or meditate in the morning when your willpower is high, and you’ll reap the rewards all day. Make a healthy dinner ahead of time (thank God for meal-prepping!) so you don’t come home starving, with anything to eat.

Well, hope all these tips help you…

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Xo, C

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