Boost your immune system, Fight inflammation & Heal Your Gut

What’s the point of dieting if you’re still sick inside!

A weak immune system, Inflammation & your unhealthy gut are more than an inconvenience. They can trigger chronic illnesses, and prevent you from living your life to the fullest.

Look and feel like a million bucks, from the inside out!

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It’s about time that you eliminate bloat & inflammation for good, so you can feel sexier, more energetic, and more focused. 

Turn off the switch to many illnesses, including cancer.

You’ve been neglecting your health and you’re tired of your body being acidic, fearing you’re triggering cancer, feeling tired, bloated all the time, and struggling with a foggy brain. 

You’ve tried many things with minimal or inconsistent results.

 Illness and disease might even run in your family.



– You have cancer/diabetes/high blood pressure history in your family

– You feel tired and exhausted no matter how much you sleep, or how much coffee you drink

– You suffer from gas, bloating and indigestion

– Your body aches from inflammation

– Your skin breaks out regularly

– You have tried several “diets” but never see lasting results. They only leave you cranky and starving

– You feel like 2019 (and the years prior) have taken a toll on your health


– Prevent illnesses like cancer or diabetes

– Feel awesome, enjoy life, and have the energy and confidence to achieve your goals all while being an even better, more present mom, wife or friend?

– Have great digestion, and properly absorb the nutrients from your food

– Stop looking pregnant, when you’re not. No more food babies!

– Look and feel amazing from the inside out

Say bye, bye dull skin, acne, under eye bags, dark circles, and puffiness

– Feel lighter and sexier. And yes, you will lose pounds!

– More (and better!) bathroom trips to keep your body balanced while flushing out toxins


Gut Health, Anti-Inflammation & Bloat Blaster Program

A life-changing 2 weeks (virtual-on demand) program that will teach you how to heal your gut, fight inflammation, make your body alkaline and fight bloating... become a pro at preventing illnesses from the inside out!

No disease -including cancer- can survive in an alkaline environment (the environment = your body!) ~ Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Price Winner for his discoveries on Cancer


Module 1: Inflammation For Dummies!

What the heck is inflammation? Why is it happening to you, and my no BS approach to get rid of it. Oh, and there’s also a quick quiz to find out how inflamed you are from 1 to “I’m-the-queen-of-inflammation“.

  • Step by step explanation of the program
  • What results to expect from it?
  • So, what the heck is Inflammation?
  • Quiz: Am I inflamed?

Module 2: Let's Blast The Bloat!

On Week two, we go deep into your bloating issues! You’ll learn the key knowledge I’ve collected over the years, so you can make real changes and improvements ASAP.
  • You have 2 brains: Your gut & brain are connected
  • Digestive problems: Bloating, Indigestion & Gas
  • Is it allergy or intolerance?
  • Say ‘adios’ to Dairy!
  • The F word (That’s Fiber, ok?!)
  • Probiotic Foods (how to get that ‘good’ bacteria!) & gut healing foods
  • Best supplement for gut health and fight the bloat
  • The emotional connection: Anxiety, brain fog, low sex drive & depression (what the heck to do about it and guided meditations —audio, to get you started!)
  • Fighting your bloat with yoga (easy routines —video, you can do at home with no equipment!)

Module 3: Let's Get This Inflammation Party Started

In this module we really get the program started and the healing process begin! You’ll start by learning how healthy is your gut, which things to do to get rid of that nasty bloat… bye-bye ‘3 months pregnant belly!!

I’ll teach you what to eat, supplement I love, my fav wellness rituals and more. Everything focused on gut health, fighting your bloat and getting you alkaline (a.k.a. say adios to inflammation!).

  • 30+ pages e-book with my fav ‘bloat-blasting’ & Inflammation fighting recipes (100% plant-based and EASY to make!)
  • Shopping list
  • Complete list of my favorite wellness rituals
  • Why we will reduce animal based products intake (and how to do it)
  • What to eliminate from your diet
  • Healthy fat & which ones are the ‘yucky’ kind
  • What are adaptogens and why you need them ASAP!
  • Vitamins D & B, your new best friends
  • Healing with spices & superfoods

Module 4: So what's next? And how to keep it going!

You are a badass!

You’ve finished the program… I’ll take you step by step through everything you need to know to keep the lifestyle going (remember, this is NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle!) and how to ease back into regular life but maintaining all the progress and everything you’ve learned so far!

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(85% at-your-own-pace Videos and Audio + 15% PDF downloadable worksheets, templates & trackers)


A.K.A. You’re going to fall head over heels for it!

● You want to make sure you are helping your body to prevent (switch OFF) cancer!

● You want to heal or improve your gut health and learn all you can about inflammation!

● You want to stop the same negative patterns and are ready to finish 2019 on a high note!

● You’re Feeling tired, unfocused, gassy, and with no sex drive.

● You want to stop feeling embarrassed by your dull skin, adult acne, or hair loss.

● You want to stop eating in a way that is hurting your body inside and out.

● You want t stop being acidic instead of alkaline.


And no, the program is not for everyone!

– You are looking for a quick fix, and your main goal is to lose weight, not your overall health & wellness.

– You are looking for a diet, an instagram bootie or a six-pack.

– You’re NOT willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes, and get out of your comfort zone.

– You are pregnant.

What My Clients Are Saying

Working with Candy and doing her programs has improved my overall health, helping me feel better about myself not feeling bloated, my digestive system is finally working properly, yeiii!!! It cannot get better than this. I recommend working with her to all my friends, it’s been a life-changer for me and I want to share it with everybody!

Andrea Ferreira

Community Liaison & Sales Representative (hospital & healthcare industry) | Mommy

Candy is the real deal! It is because of her that I have noticed a change in my relationship with food. It’s not really about filling myself, but fueling myself —which is essentially a huge difference. Always remember, it’s never too late to want to take charge of your health life. With Candy by your side, she will make this journey easy and exciting!  

Delilah Dee

Entertainment Media Entrepreneur |
Events Curator | Influencer

About Candy

Certified holistic health & wellness coach, and an avid healthy lifestyle expert. Through her namesake page she shares her popular and outspoken takes on healthy living from the modern, busy woman-entrepreneur perspective and taboo subjects very few talk about, while still having fun, and a few glasses of wine in the process! 

Bachelor’s Degree in Business + Master’s Degree in International Business which allowed her to travel the world for several years with different international corporations developing their businesses, but always felt in her heart that health & wellness were her true calling.

After her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis, she took it upon herself to learn everything needed to help her heal faster and naturally, decided to go back to school to nutrition school to get certified as a holistic health & wellness coach, and her career in the wellness space began.

She has coached thousands of women all over the world, and regularly keynote speaks on health & wellness topics for busy women and how to prevent and reverse diseases, instead of reacting to them. Her insights are often featured in Tv. and written media.

“In this picture you see some of the amazing food that I have been feeding my body over the past two weeks. I must say thank you Candy for getting me to step outside of my comfort zone and realize that Mother Nature does provide essential nutrition to help us perform at our best! I’ve learned so much in the process, and am still learning to be a better version of myself everyday. Thank you Candy from the bottom of my heart!”

 ~ Iris Delgado 
Journalist – Telemundo Philadelphia | Mommy  | Boss Lady


+ Lifetime access to the 4 modules online course (at-your-own-pace Videos and Audio)

+ 30+ page e-book with my fav ‘bloat-blasting’ & Inflammation fighting recipes (PDF Downloadable worksheets, templates & trackers!)

+ Access to my private GLOW SQUAD Facebook community

You’ve been neglecting your health and you’re tired of your body being acidic, fearing you’re triggering cancer, feeling tired, bloated all the time, and struggling with a foggy brain. 

You’ve tried many things with minimal or inconsistent results.

 Illness and disease might even run in your family.




Most frequent questions and answers

RIGHT NOW! It is a completely self-paced online course. YOU decide when you start and when you finish. You can start right away or start anytime, and repeat it as many times as you want!

How does FOREVER sounds? 🙂  After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

YES! 1,000% YES! If I ever update the program, you will get immediate access to the new updated information, templates, workbooks, etc. 

There’s more free information available to you on the topics covered throughout my website, FB & IG LIVE, my free e-books and other social media posts than has ever been since the beginning of mankind. But if you’re not aware of what you need to know, to do, and what you don’t, all the free information in the world won’t help. Hello analysis paralysis! Bottom line – there is no secret formula. It’s about allowing yourself to be mentor by an expert who will hold your hand and teach you the right ways. It’s about showing up and doing the work to become the highest version of yourself!

When you decide you are worth the investment, the investment becomes worth it!

I am 1,000% of the high-quality of the program, and the level of dedication I’ve put in to create this experience for you BUT… This course will only work for you if you decide it will work for you.

Please read that again.
This course will only work for you if you decide it will work for you. Just like all things in life. The moment we commit and decide we will achieve success, the universe moves with us.
Life is so AMAZING on the other side of this program!

Due to the downloadable nature of the program + all of its digital materials, we do not offer refunds. Please do not enroll in the program if you just want to “check it out.” We put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this Program, and we expect you to do the same. This is for serious students only.

** By enrolling in this course, you agree to my Standard Terms and Conditions.