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Glow Chat: Vivian Nuñez

Come along as I chat with Vivian Nunez for my Glow Chat series. She's an amazing Latina and the force behind Creating Espacios podcast & Too Damn Young!

At this point, I feel like you guys reading me are my friends. So naturally, I want to introduce you to all my friends as well.

As a female entrepreneur and Latina living in USA, I’m VERY into all subject related to women empowerment, business, and self-development. It’s not a surprise then, that I gravitate towards like-minded women, who inspires me to be better and to do better.

I get such a high from people I see following their dreams, taking a fall, dusting themselves off, getting up and marching ahead with even more drive than before. I have the utmost respect. Call it my ‘Yes girl, yessss!’ moment!

Queue: Vivian Nuñez

♡ ♡ ♡

I’m personally very drawn to Vivian because she’s so raw and relatable… Without knowing, she makes me evaluate all the stupid walls I’ve put up in my life for so long, just out of fear of being vulnerable and getting hurt.

We met on social media, because duh! where else do Millennials meet nowadays? One tweet led to another, and before we knew it we were already exchanging emails, projects, and ideas on how we could support each other. There are TONS of reasons why I’m crazy excited to have met this unicorn, and you guys will find out soon, soon… but that’s for a future post.

Let’s get right into our Glow Chat, shall we?

Come along as I chat with Vivian Nunez for my Glow Chat series. She's an amazing Latina and the force behind Creating Espacios podcast & Too Damn Young!Vivian Nuñez | @vivnunez

Give us the heads up about you (Who’s Vivian?!)

I’m a born and raised New Yorker whose pride and joy may or may not be her four-year-old Maltese puppy. My work time is split between a few of my different passions, which is such a blessing. I host a podcast called Creating Espacios that focuses specifically on telling the stories of Latina trailblazers.

The premise of the podcast came to be because my journey as an entrepreneur was at times lonely and I wanted to find that community. In 2014, I founded Too Damn Young, a community, and resource for teens and young adults who have lost someone they love, and kickstarting that ultimately kick-started my entire career. I write (a lot) for high-profile published pieces you can read my column on Women@Forbes, for straight from the heart pieces holds all my favorites.

♡ ♡ ♡

What do you check first when you wake up, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter?

I am easily one of Instagram’s biggest fans, so the order for me is definitely Instagram first, followed by Twitter. Usually, I won’t check Facebook at all in the morning until I’m scheduling out social for any of my clients (I do digital work for creative entrepreneurs!).

As a creative entrepreneur no one day is like the other, but if you had to describe an average day of yours, what would it be like and how you keep your focus?

Being my own boss means that I’ve really had to learn when I’m the most productive and how to maximize that energy and time. I try to kick start every day early (usually with a 6-6:30 am wake up call) and I prioritize making a smoothie and breakfast before I sit down with my laptop. I know myself, so I know that once I sit down I probably won’t get up again until lunchtime, so I try to make the most of getting the day off right.

During the 12-3 time frame I’m usually the most unproductive for sit-down-at-a-computer work, so instead, I try to schedule calls or errands during that window. Depending on the workload of the day I’ll try to close down the computer by 6/7 and grab dinner with my boyfriend or make something at home. If it’s a longer day with a late night, I still prioritize grabbing a meal and small break in between. The work that’s done during the day always changes, but overall most of my days are broken up like this!

Come along as I chat with Vivian Nunez for my Glow Chat series. She's an amazing Latina and the force behind Creating Espacios podcast & Too Damn Young!

I feel like we are so connected in so many fronts! I also lost my grandfather to Cancer in a crucial part of my life, so I really LOVE what you have created with “Too Damn Young”. Grieve is something we need to talk about more… Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Of course! Too Damn Young started from my own personal experience with loss. I lost my mom when I was 10 and my grandma when I was 21. Losing them with so many years in between gave me an added perspective on how grief is approached for different age groups.

I’ve always understood how big movements of change usually start by one person realizing that one voice is always better than none, so in my small way I wanted to put a drop in the bucket of making grief something we could talk about more freely. Over the last 3 years, TDY has gone from a place where only I was writing about my losses to one where others feel comfortable enough to share – it’s my biggest pride and joy.

♡ ♡ ♡

You live in NYC, one the most diverse and open cities in the world. But as Latinas, there are still so many challenges we have to overcome, career wise and personally speaking. Can you share any challenges you have faced as Latina –if any– and how you managed it?

I think because I’m a creative entrepreneur my biggest challenge was initially finding other Latina entrepreneurs who understood the cultural nuances of being an entrepreneur in the space.

My solution for that was a bit unorthodox but also probably one of the biggest blessings in my life. I started co-hosting a podcast specifically aimed to find these Latinas and talking to them about their hustle. The podcast is in its second season now and I host it alone, which was scary but has brought on a lot of growth. It’s been by entryway into learning about so many amazing women.

Come along as I chat with Vivian Nunez for my Glow Chat series. She's an amazing Latina and the force behind Creating Espacios podcast & Too Damn Young!

In our conversation for my article on “Anxiety & Depression In Latinas”, you mentioned that one of your tips to manage anxiety is to identify where it originates. Yours sits in your stomach. What wellness practices have you put in place to help with that? (for ex: probiotics, type of foods you eat, warming drinks, etc.).

I learned very early on that there are certain foods I can stomach when I’m having a particularly tough day with anxiety and certain foods I definitely can’t. I usually try to gravitate towards pizza (or basically any tomato sauce, bread, cheese combo) there’s something in it that is very comforting to me.

Lately, I’ve also turned to ginger teas because of its calming effects.

♡ ♡ ♡

Do you have any healthy rituals you like to do every day? Example: water with lemon, turmeric tea, meditation, whatever you do (if any!).

I’ve been trying to meditate more regularly, which is a journey in and of itself. Every morning though I’m turning it into a habit to say my thank yous for the new day and the people in my life. Usually, my list starts with thanking God for my boyfriend and works its way onto the rest of my family from there.

I’ve also been turning to a smoothie first thing in the morning because I’m not a coffee drinker and the boost of energy from all the fruits really helps set my day on track!

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