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Let me begin by telling you that you are about to have a MAJOR dose of dopeness in this Glow ChatLucinda Cross is the type of woman that reminds me of this quote “Be the kind of woman who, when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says Oh, no! She’s up.

… yup, pretty accurate!

She’s a badass BOSS-Lady, and an accomplished best-selling author with five books under her name. Recipient of the Life Time Achievement Award from former President Barack Obama (whaaaat??? Major goals!), and a highly sought after International Speaker and Corporate Coach crisscrossing the country weekly delivering her high impact, anticipated words of wisdom, self-discovery, and strategy.

Lucinda’s story is compelling.  It’s one of triumph and overcoming odds to regain her rightful place in life.

We met last November in NJ, at The Power Of Connection Conference. She was the keynote speaker and I was a speaker at one of the panels. When I heard her speak I immediately got goosebumps and in my heart, I said: “I want THAT!” —and by that, I meant that I wish someday I too can be at that Rockstar level she’s in, the way she commands a room when she speaks, how she exudes passion for what she does, and how she inspires people just by being her damn self!

After her keynote speech, we crossed paths at one of the stairs and I shyly said hi (I’m not shy at all, you guys know that Lol but I was in awe after hearing her speak and kind of caught off ward… eeeek!), to my surprise she stopped me and said “I want to stay in touch with you”, I discreetly looked around in disbelieve. Was she really talking to me?… Lol and something like this happened:

Her assistant handed me her card, and later that night we became ‘official’, you know… FB friends. The rest is history!

I’m excited for all of you to meet her and LEARN from this badass Boss-Lady. Especially because this September 15-17 it’s her Activate Conference, this year in Miami, FL. TONITE, Wednesday 30th at 8 p.m. I’ll be interviewing her LIVE, over at my FB Business Page so set a reminder on your cell, you don’t want to miss this.


Hi, Lucinda! Can you tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

I am a mom of 3 and a bonus. I am married to wonderful man Bayo Otiti pronounced Oh-tea-tea. My kids are all teenagers, so I am operating on one last nerve! The youngest is 7, and he is a Mr. Know it all.

I am the president of Activate Worldwide, been in the business for 10 years, and I have recently started my Not-For-Profit Activate Your Life which supports at risk youth and women, to reduce recidivism. I love the color red, I am in the public eye as a speaker and life coach, but I am a major introvert!

What’s Activate2K17 and why should we be EXCITED about it?

Activate is a conference that supports others to monetize and magnetize their platform. Most of my attendees are considered the best-kept secret, and what we provide is a space for those who need to be seen and heard to get ACCESS to the contacts and connections they need to raise the bar in their personal and professional business. We have lots of fun, and we provide great content. We push all attendees to Activate!

Ok, so you are always doing the most —I’ve been witness— brands and people are crazy about the movement and want to be part of it… how did the idea of Activate came about? I’m so curious!

I was a huge procrastinator and perfectionist, and when it affected my bottom line and my confidence in my purpose I knew that it was time to take action; calculated yet uncomfortable action to push myself out of self-sabotage. Activate was birthed out of frustration of wanting to succeed and holding myself back.

What would you advise to the ladies reading this, who follow your work and are inspired to also become a boss lady but think it’s hard, or like they don’t have what it takes?

The difference between all those who make it and those who don’t is consistency. Many people give up when times get rough, and the road is no longer pretty and simple. When things get complicated and difficult, most people give in and give up.

What do you think is the KEY trait every entrepreneur woman needs to have, in order to see her dream go from dream to reality?

You must hang in there, and be the first believer and investor in yourself. You will have no choice but to succeed!

Do you think that we lady hustlers need to have lots of money to start our dream project? Not having financial back up can often deter many of us, or delay our execution (I was so broke when I started! Lol)

You don’t need lots of money. All you need is a plan of action.

Your financial success depends on creating a financial plan. Most lady hustlers don’t create a funnel for their money to grow, they don’t know where they want their money to come from and where to get it. That must be mapped out. Create your own treasure map for your financial future.


Ok, so this wouldn’t be an interview of mine without some health related questions…


You are like the ultimate boss-lady, your agenda is hectic! I wonder, HOW do you manage to stay healthy and sane during this crazy time?

I take vitamins, I drink water, I cleanse my inner body often to remove anything that may cause fatigue.  100% believe in rest, and taking power naps, especially during conference planning time —or at least I try. 

When you are not under Activate Events deadline, and things are simpler, do you have any healthy rituals you like to do every day?

Water with lemon is my favorite and I love veggie drinks!

By the way…

So excited to also announce that I’ll be the host of the Latin Quarter portion of the conference, where I’ll be interviewing these ROCKSTARS for that needed dose of Latin Entrepreneurship inspiration.

As I always say, the best investment you can make is in YOU. So don’t miss this amazing event, you can get your tickets before they sell out here


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