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Join me as I interview this awesome Stress Management Coach, Anadel Alberti in an insightful take on overcoming, resilience and the power of meditation!

I’m so happy to have Anadel Alberti be the first “Glow Chat” of the year!

She’s amazing and I have learned so much from her… As I’ve told you before I have a HUGE monkey mind which means that my mind is all over the place (believe me, ALL OVER) and it’s super hard for me to take a quiet time, unplug and just relax.

After taking her 21 Days Understanding Meditation Audio Program I learned to better relax my mind and to manage my stress levels which as a wife, immigrant trying to make a difference, and entrepreneur with type A personality, you can just imagine how over the top it can be.

I’m EXCITED for you guys to get to know Anadel and learn from her!

Join me as I interview this awesome Stress Management Coach, Anadel Alberti in an insightful take on overcoming, resilience and the power of meditation!

Introduce yourself, who’s Anadel? Give us all the deets!

My name is Anadel Alberti and I am a spiritual being having a human experience 🙂

In terms of what is part of my being… I can tell you that I am a proud Latina, born and raised in the Dominican Republic, US naturalized and citizen of the world. I am a yoga and photography lover, a Happiness Youth Mentor, a travel addict, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a friend.

And if you’re looking for credentials… I am the Founder of LAFstyle™, Author of “21 Days of LAFter,” Certified Stress Management, Passion Test facilitator, Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Adults and Kids Yoga Instructor, Co- founder of WellBiz and the MINDful Women’s Group, Motivational Speaker and MBA recipient in International Business from the University of Miami.

Working with you so closely, I know that life has thrown you so many curve balls… How did you end up doing what you’re doing right now?

In my college years and then in my years as a corporate employee, I went through difficult situations of bullying, eating disorders, and verbal abuse while in a romantic relationship. At one point I lost all interest in life and thought of taking my own life. That’s when I hit rock bottom and realized that life was meant to be lived, to be enjoyed… This led me to get more in-depth into the world of yoga, meditation, prayer, and coaching.

I found more reasons than ever to be alive, I found coaches, guides, and angels that helped me along the way and I went back to being in love with life, to being happy, loving, accepting, and forgiving others and more importantly forgiving myself.

Join me as I interview this awesome Stress Management Coach, Anadel Alberti in an insightful take on overcoming, resilience and the power of meditation!

That’s how I found my mission in life of inspiring, motivating, and guiding the younger generation, helping them break free from toxic situations and thoughts, creating an environment and style of life-based on happiness and wellness, through personalized coaching programs, training, workshops, and keynotes.

♡ ♡ ♡

Why do you think people find meditating such a taboo?

Interestingly enough, I wrote an article on this topic. I go more in-depth about it in my 21 Days Understanding Meditation Audio Program.

There are several misconceptions about the subject including the following:

  1. Meditation is a religious practice
  2. I need to quiet my mind
  3. It’s only for stress reduction
  4. It takes too much time

These and other misconceptions stop people from even trying the practice and enjoying the multiple benefits that meditation brings.

WHY should we meditate? convince us 🙂

At this point in my life, and living every day the benefits that this practice brings, the question would be more “why wouldn’t you meditate?”

We live in a world where everything passes too quickly. Where we forget to breathe, to live in the present moment, to enjoy the little things in life. We live in a fight or flight mode and in a constant state of anxiety and stress. Our bodies go into overdrive and our immune system gets to a point that it simply shoots down.

Meditation is a magnificent tool to avoid getting into that state of feeling out of control, tired and restless.

♡ ♡ ♡

Is it difficult to start? You know I have a HUGE monkey mind… what can you advise people like me, but who are starting this process?

Like everything else in life… just start!

You can follow a guided meditation like my 21 Days Understanding Meditation Audio Program, in which I included short meditations to start your day on the right foot.

Don’t pre-dispose yourself and be open to the process. You will be surprised at the changes you start to see in your life. 

Join me as I interview this awesome Stress Management Coach, Anadel Alberti in an insightful take on overcoming, resilience and the power of meditation!

You know I got a LOT of boss-ladies who follow me and read me… what would you say are the 3 main advantages for those badass professional ladies out there or entrepreneurs when it comes to meditation? I know both my gurus Tony Robbins and Oprah SWEAR by it!

Do we really need to meditate for a long time or are 5-7 ok?

I always admire your messages, and all the information and work you put into everything that you do, and you know how busy it gets when life “happens.” Meditation allows you to stop and move forward all in one sitting.

  1. It clears your mind from toxic thoughts and limiting beliefs.
  2. It boosts your immune system by using the power of your breath, inhaling deeply and exhaling everything that doesn’t serve you, brings oxygen to your body and to your brain
  3. It improves information processing and decision-making (something us as entrepreneurs are constantly doing).
  4. It prevents you from falling into the trap of multitasking – which is another thing that we also tend to do too often.

Interestingly enough, many times you meditate and you might not even realize it. When you exercise that you “get in the zone,” when you’re listening to music and you’re immersed in the lyrics or beats of the songs, when you take a walk in the park, or when you’re walking your dog (without the distraction of your phone), you are being mindful, which is a form of meditation. In other words, you don’t need to be sitting still to meditate.

♡ ♡ ♡

And because Anadel IS AMAZING, she has shared with us for FREE the audio to one of my favorite stress release meditation from her 21 Days Understanding Meditation Audio Program. Just leave me your name and email address to receive it automatically to your email, and start meditating right now!

Xo, C

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