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Fitness Trackers That Won’t Break Your Bank

After a crazy sweaty gym session with my girlfriends last summer we all agreed to get fitness trackers to help monitor our activity and quite honestly to keep the motivation… weekend movie night, a sexy date with the boo, extra glass of wine? Hell yes! We were losing focus.

You see, as a holistic nutritionist, nothing brings me more joy than motivating others (especially my boss-ladies!) to eat clean, stay active and, above all, enjoy the slaying process. But somehow during last summer, I found myself lost when it came to my fitness goals, and that needed to change — pronto!

Queue: fitness tracker

We all went about our business to find trackers that met our “needs” — A.K.A. didn’t break the bank and helped us achieve real results. Here’s what we ended up choosing:

Garmin’s Vivosmart – $96.65 On Amazon

My friend LOVED her Garmin, and I have to admit for good reason. In addition to tracking your movement, it helps you count calories burned, track your rate, and even sends you “movement” reminders so you don’t forget to move your tush. This tracker is a bit cheaper than what’s out there, which makes it a good band for the budget-conscious boss lady. It also comes with a huge range of color options, so if you want something that’s similar in form to Fitbit wristbands, this is worth considering. Plus, you have the option of getting one with or without (less expensive) a heart rate monitor.

Photo property of Garmin

MYZONE – $149.99 on

This one was my favorite,  ’cause unlike Fitbit and the other two trackers I cover, this one is actually a belt instead of the wristband. I don’t know about you, but if I am investing in a tracker, I want it to be accurate, and I personally chose MYZONE [I’ve been using for the past year] because, instead of counting your steps, it counts your heart rate and effort. So let’s say you’re not necessarily “walking”, but having a kickass yoga class… other fitness trackers track your movement through your wrist — but not when you’re not physically moving forward. As a yoga and pilates lover, this was HUGE for me.

I also love that you can download the IOS & Android compatible app and sync your belt even 16 hours later after you finished your workout, so you don’t have to take the phone along with you when you exercise. Plus, they get extra points for the awesome community and support they have [Click here to get a $50 dollars discount!]

Photo property of MYZONE

Misfit Ray – $77.30 on Amazon

Seriously, this one surprised me! It’s so chic and bougie. It’s more discreet than the others, so you can totally wear it even when you’re going out, which in my book is a win! You can track your steps, distance, calories, plus light and heavy sleep all within its IOS & Android compatible app. It will also alert you to messages and calls if you pair it with your smartphone — so handy when your cell is at the bottom of your purse.

Photo property of Misfit

The same as you –hopefully– track and are mindful of what you eat, it’s super important that you measure your physical efforts. That way you’ll know when you are doing great and when you need to push a little harder. Heart rate monitors/fitness trackers are an awesome little tool to make things easier for all of us.

I hope this post helps you find one of your own that does the work, but won’t break your bank account because… Goal$$$ 🙂

Do you use a fitness tracker? I would love to know other options out there that I might be missing… let me know which one you use, have used or love in the comments!

Summer will be here before we know it. Now let’s start tracking those fitness goals, shall we?

Xo, Candy


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  1. Me encantan esos smart watches… utilizo Fitbit y me ha ayudado muchísimo!

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