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Fitness Enthusiast & Entrepreneur, Jared White Talks Fitness For Women

Jared and I met last year when both of us still lived in Philly and worked as influencers for the #MyCityMoves campaign, which was an awesome initiative to help the city of Philadelphia to go from one of the fattest to one of the fittest cities in America. We had an amazing time and clicked immediately.

As fate would have it, we both moved to Miami at similar times but didn’t know about it until the –always intrusive– Facebook made us realize we not only moved out of Philly but that we had moved to the same state and the same city… crazy right???

Our rekindled connection couldn’t happen at a better time, I was looking for a badass fitness trainer to cover the fitness component of my best seller program, The Bounce Back Detox.

More so, I needed advice on how to change up my fitness routine, I was feeling stalled and wanted to include more weights but without losing my feminine form, so a catch up with Jared was a must.

He is not only an amazing fitness trainer (his forte is building women’s booties!) but also a very savvy businessman and entrepreneur… His Instagram is a constant source of inspiration for me!

Our women fitness conversations have been so good, that you know I couldn’t keep it to myself. I love to share with you guys EVERYTHING that I think will make your life better!

Give us the heads up about you (Who’s Jared White):

I’m a serial entrepreneur  from NY/PHL who just relocated to Miami, FL to build more businesses in a warmer climate. I have a background in personal training, event planning, real estate, internet marketing, and public speaking. 

How long have you been training people and how did you start?

I’ve always had a pretty healthy lifestyle being a former college basketball player. My goal in everything I do is to get paid to be myself. A little over a year ago, I saw personal training as a way to not only help people improve their lives but also monetize something I would be doing anyway.

You just launched “The Cake Factory”, what is that all about?

Cake Factory is my Miami-based boot camp company that services club and nightlife staff. We wanted to create a program to help ensure service industry workers are the fittest and sexiest on the beach.

Why are you so passionate about training ladies? And how is it different from training guys? 

We wanted to change the game. We found a niche market that hasn’t even been touched before and something that’s a real need. What makes training ladies different from training guys is that women seem to have a little less ego when it comes to taking instruction. They are willing to learn without taking it personal.

Why do you think we ladies are less consistent than guys when it comes to fitness goals, any tips to fix that?

I think that ladies can become very intimidated by the gym since it still has a stigma of being a male driven industry. They don’t want to look stupid or silly. I think ultimately you have to go in there, throw your headphones on and not care how dumb or inexperienced you look. Who cares! Life is about learning. To boost confidence I suggest speaking or hiring a trainer and research some of the MILLIONS of workouts on YouTube. Knowledge is power! 

Besides the booty, we ladies accumulate fat pretty easily on our midsection… any tips to lose belly fat? What do you recommend (foods/exercise)?

Consistency is king, diet is queen. I really like any type of twisting ab exercise that really forces the obliques to work and tighten up. You also want to stay away from sugars and sweets that go straight to your hips. Detox your body every few months, so you better absorb the nutrients in your food, and have more energy to work out. Heavy ball throw workouts can also prove to be a girl’s best friend! Detox your body

What do you recommend for ladies between 18-45 that want to lose body fat and tone?

Take massive and immediate action! You don’t need to be an expert to know you can’t have bikini competitor’s abs by eating chips on your couch. Figure out what works for your body, try to eat consistently good and train a great amount. Your body is smart. It will adapt to what you tell it to do. 


I know you like to party quite a bit 😉 How do you find a balance between drinks and being healthy… don’t tell me to ditch my wine -I won’t! Lol

Haha well, I never overdo it. I usually leave the party early and keep my drinks to 1-2 maximum. Often I’ll mix my drinks with water instead of sugary juice and also make an effort the next day to burn off any bad calories I intake. 

What would be your top 5 workout songs right now?

I honestly like to listen to audio books in the gym because I like to kill 2 birds with 1 stone but my playlist would have to be: X by 21 Savage, Blow A Check by Zoey Dollaz, Bad and Boujee by MIGOS, Play the Game by Motörhead and ANYTHING that is  JAY-Z. 

Any final tips or advice for us ladies?

Be consistent, eat the right amount, train the right amount, continue to research and learn the craft and Keep Going!

Lastly, have fun!

Any other fitness questions you ladies want me to ask Jared? Let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure to get answers for you!

Xo, C

Follow Jared on Instagram for more fitness & life inspiration!

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  1. What an awesome interview and photo shoot! Loved his simple advise!!! I just started following Jared!

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