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7 Wellness Tips For Healthy & Amazing Teeth

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Today I want to talk about our pearly whites…. fun right?

Not necessarily, but since we are trying to be healthier in all areas of our lives, our oral health should not be any different. I mean, are you going to wait until you’re toothless and look like a granny? I didn’t think so!

But all jokes aside, I feel like ‘holistic’ oral health is never discussed that much which is weird because our teeth are one of our BEST presentation cards, so we —should— be wanting to keep that area in top conditions. Do you feel me?

As usual, I got your back. So here are my 7 Wellness Tips to take care of your teeth:

1. Choose a toothpaste that is made with no artificial colors, flavors, fragrances or preservatives

What better reason to be mindful of your toothpaste than the fact that you put it in your mouth every day? Ingredients in regular toothpaste can be scary and yucky… I’ve been using Tom’s of Maine® products for years now, and recently started using their new whitening toothpaste Tom’s of Maine® Luminous White™ Spearmint, which has a yummy taste and is not harsh on my enamel at all. I call that a win!

As a rule of thumb, I always look for a toothpaste that contains no artificial colors, flavors, fragrances or preservatives. I also do not use oral care products that have been tested on animals. This is SO IMPORTANT you guys and that is why I love Tom’s of Maine®! Oh, and if you are gluten intolerant, you’re covered as well because it’s gluten-free (yes, your toothpaste can have gluten derived ingredients in it!).

2. Change your toothbrush every three months

Our childhood dentist was right, we should be changing them at least every three months because they start to lose its effectiveness. Plus, the bad bacteria that live in your mouth builds up on your toothbrush… ewww. If your gums bleed often, I would say go ahead and change them even more often than that and ESPECIALLY if you’ve been sick, so you get rid of any germs.

3. Use a tongue scraper

Never heard of using a tongue scraper before? I swear by it!

That white coating on your tongue needs to go… pronto. First, scrape your tongue in the AM every day before you brush your teeth. This is an ayurvedic practice I learned from my yoga teacher years ago, and have been doing ever since because it helps to remove harmful toxins and bacteria —also as an FYI, it is a sign of poor gut and digestive health!

4. Flossing is NOT optional

Do I really need to say this? Flossing regularly is a MUST. It helps to remove food and bacteria that get stuck in between your teeth, which is critical for proper oral health.

5. Oil pulling

This another ancient Ayurvedic practice I picked up from my yoga teacher years ago. Coconut oil works as a natural antibiotic, and it has been found that it can fight the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Basically, all you need to do is to ‘swish’ a tablespoon (or so) of oil around in your mouth for 10-15 minutes. In my case, it really depends on how much I’m rushing in the morning Lol but less than that, I think is not as effective so try to do it while you do something else like making your smoothie. I use these small coconut oil packets, they’re super practical and handy for when I’m traveling as well.

NOTE: Do NOT gargle or swallow it, at the end, the oil will be full of all the bacteria and food debris from your teeth, just spit it out in your trash because if you spit in the sink, the oil will eventually clog your plumbing.

6. Use a DIY natural mouthwash

Rinse your mouth with ¼ a teaspoon of baking soda and 8 ounces of water to balance your mouth’s pH. Or you can also boil sage or mint and peppermint leaves in water until the water is dark, let it cool and pour it into an empty bottle of mouthwash. Add a few drops of thyme or peppermint essential oil and use it twice a day for a great mouthwash alternative.

7. Use straws

Drink your morning lemon water or apple cider vinegar mix with a straw to make sure that your teeth are safe from the acid.

As I always say, being aware is the first step we need to make ANY positive change in our lives. The more we become educated about the things that affect our health and how we can improve those —little by little, nothing crazy— the better we will be.

Small changes like changing your toothpaste to a more conscious brand like Tom’s of Maine® really do make a difference!

Btw, I got mine at my nearest Giant Food Store in PA, which is one of my fav go-to supermarkets whenever I’m back in Pennsylvania visiting my mom. You will find the cosmetics & dental care aisle, here’s a pic for your reference.

Do you have any other tips that you do as well?

As usual, I LOVE to hear from you! Let me know in the comments so we all learn together.

Xo, C

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  1. I also love to oil pull with coconut oil. I find it therapeautic to know I am removing bad things from my body. #client

  2. Trying to do oil pulling more regularly – helpful post thanks

  3. great blog is your toothpaste fluoride free

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