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7 Reasons to Love Wheatgrass (and HOW you can use it!)

I've been a fan of wheatgrass shots for a LONG time... the benefits are just too good to miss out. Here I'm sharing my favorite 7. You're welcome!

Funny name, right?


Truth is, I’ve been a fan of wheatgrass shots for a LONG time… the benefits are just too good to miss out.

So, what’s wheatgrass really?

Wheatgrass is the sprout of the wheat plant. The one that germinates from wheat seeds.

But don’t worry if you’re gluten intolerant and still wanna take advantage of its awesome benefits, because since it is the sprout and not the actual seed, wheatgrass is actually gluten-free. Yessss!!!


Here are 7 reasons to LOVE wheatgrass
(and how YOU can use it!)


  1. Amazing cancer-fighting properties and this is not new, wheatgrass has been used for ages in holistic cancer treatments (even those that also use conventional treatments like chemotherapy), and also for cancer prevention.
  2. It has HUGE amounts of chlorophyll… and you guys know I’m obsessed with chlorophyll! It not only helps to balance the body’s pH level and protect our cells, but also consuming chlorophyll is associated with anti-aging effects like younger-looking skin and even better weight management. Who doesn’t want that?!
  3. Alkaline, alkaline, alkaline… remember this is a common subject here with me. Wheatgrass promotes an alkaline environment in our body and if you want to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases from developing in your body, being alkaline is KEY!
  4. Purifies the liver (excellent to have wheatgrass shots after ya’ know… a wild drinking night. Not that I’m telling you to -I rather you DON’T-, but it’s always handy to have the info.. just in case. Wink, wink!)
  5. Reduces inflammation (hey, what’s new here? you know I like to stay consistent)
  6. Lower cholesterol. So yeah, if you or a family member has high cholesterol issues, wheatgrass is amazing for that as well
  7. Wheatgrass juice is AMAZING to heal. Because it contains all minerals we as humans need, and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is extremely rich in protein and contains 17 amino acids, the building blocks of protein.


You can use it in the following ways:

Cold pressed, for shots! You will need a specific type of juicer called “masticator juicer” [like this one] because it can process leafy greens and wheatgrass better, and the juice they produce will last much longer than juice made in a regular juicer, which should be consumed right away as it starts losing nutrients nearly immediately.

The machine is kind of expensive tho, but if you’re really into your health, see this as an investment in >>> YOU <<< or you can also go to your nearest juice bar or Whole Foods and purchase your shots every now and then.

You can also drink it in pills [like this one] if you don’t like the flavor that much.

Or straight up blend it with your favorite green smoothie… you can use wheatgrass powder [I love this one] OR purchase the fresh grass at your favorite health store/supermarket (I usually get mines at the farmer’s market or Whole Foods).

If you’re feeling super badass, you can grow them yourself with this amazing kits, it’s super easy and fun. My mom grows them all the time!

I've been a fan of wheatgrass shots for a LONG time... the benefits are just too good to miss out. Here I'm sharing my favorite 7. You're welcome!

Now, if you excuse me… I’ll go and get a shot myself to fight this crazy afternoon slump!

Hope the info serves you.

Xo, C

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