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7 Healthy Reasons To Visit Philly

Wondering if you can keep it healthy while visiting Philly? Wonder no more! Even if you're a local, you'll be surprised. Here I give you my 7 Healthy Reasons to Visit Philly!

Philly and I have a love story… Philly is MY city, and whenever you ask me where I’m from (besides being Dominican of course!), I will tell you I’m from Philly.

My whole family lives in the counties near by. My mom, my dad, my brother, mis primos, most of my friends. Well, you get the memo.

Philly has my heart ♡

TONS of Philly focused content coming up guys… I just love this city so much and I want to share everything I think makes it special! Big, BIG thanks to the amazing team of Visit Philly for sponsoring an epic experience for me a while ago, and making it possible for me and a group of friends to experience this city in ways I never thought I would… Stay tuned because so much more is coming!


Besides the obvious history and cultural nuances of Philadelphia, I can tell you thousands good things about it… but I will focus this post solely on the health related reason why you should make Philly your next destination.

Now, remember even if you are a Philly resident, there’s so much you might not know. So this is also for you, my Philly peeps.


Reason #1

The AMAZING health scene of the city

Philadelphia is VIBRANT on its own accord. But if you mix that with the wellness renaissance it’s been having the past few years, then we get to another whole new level.

But get this, it wasn’t always that way. Just a few years ago, Philadelphia was ranked one of the fattest cities in America… ouch!

That’s where City Fitness Philly comes in!

I worked with them last year, as part of an A-Game influencer team to inspire Philly to go from one of the fattest to one of the fittest cities in America. And boy did we make waves!

A gazillion calories were burned. A whole new fitness and wellness culture was created, we inspired TONS of people and this program changed a hell lots of lives. Not only in Philly but everywhere in PA.

I had so much fun working this campaign and made long lasting friends… Hey, City Fitness peeps, you guys rock!

So if you are visiting and want to keep your fitness routines in check, City Fitness is your place to go. They have a “Walk-In” policy, so you can just walk in and for a (very affordable) fee enjoy their top-notch installations. You can check their schedule and more info here.

I mean, not to brag or anything, but this is the place Kevin Heart drops in for a workout when he visits the city.


Reason #2

The BADASS Plant-Based scene

In a city where its best-known culinary contribution is the cheesesteak, Philadelphia’s vast number of health-conscious restaurants will surprise you!

I mean, this is THE city to be or visit if you have a plant-based diet or you just plain want to have fun, try yummy things and still adhere to your non-meat-eating ways. Slowly but surely, the city is being known for its amazing vegan fare, quirky BYOB (bring-your-own-bottle) restaurants, or chef-driven concepts and passion projects… I’m obsessed with it because the city embraces diversity even with its food.

I have so many restaurants I love… will share those soon. But meanwhile, I can tell you that Vedge is my absolute obsession!


Reason #3

Farmer’s Market

Does this surprise you? The Farmer’s Market culture in Philly and PA completely is a market-goer’s dream!

Year-round and seasonally, you’ll find open-air stalls in the city and countryside, collectively connecting consumers to freshly grown and produced food every day of the week. What do I like most? No matter how small they are, many of them accept electronic payments… hallelujah!

And not only open air Farmer’s Markets per se… take for example also Reading Terminal Market, the nation’s oldest continuously operating farmers’ market and one of the greatest public markets in the country. There you can also find amazing cuisine and great brunch options. The market offers delicious eats at multiple, mostly family operated stands.

Besides Iovine Brothers for my fresh produce and juices, I always visit Kamal’s Middle Eastern Specialties because I’m addicted to their falafels, baba ganouj, hummus, eggplant stew and spinach feta pies… great, I’m so hungry now!

In love with @iovinebrothersproduce at the #ReadingTerminalMarket 🌿🍅🍍🍆🍎 I’m the crazy lady who enjoys a Farmer’s market as much as a teenager loves going to a club with a fake ID 😂 #MyHappyPlace 🌿 If you live in #Pennsylvania #Philly have you been to the market? It has so many stores, food, etc… It’s a must see! ❤️🌿 — Amando a @iovinebrothersproduce en el @rdgterminalmkt en #Filadelfia 🌿🍎🍆🍍🍇 Yo creo que soy la doña “loca” que le encanta ir al mercado tanto como un adolescente le encanta entrar a la discoteca con una identificación falsa 😂 #MiLugarFeliz Si vives en #Pensilvania, has venido a este mercado? Tiene muchísimas tiendas, comida, etc… Es uno de los lugares que no se pueden dejar de visitar! ❤️🌿 #Mercado #Salud #CoachDeSalud #VisitPhilly #HealthCoach #LoveWhatIDo #FoodAsMedicine #Healthy #Happy #Glowing

Una publicación compartida de Candy Calderon (@candy_nami) el


Reason #4

Yoga, Yoga & More Yoga

If you’ve been following me for a while, this will not be new to you… you know I’m obsessed with yoga!

No better city to partake in amazing outdoor (and many times FREE!) yoga classes. No matter if you are a resident or a visitor you will always find tons of yoga pop-ups around the city. Did I mention I freaking LOVE this city?!


You will find sessions pretty much every day of the week at The Oval, Race Street Pier, Franklin Bridge and ongoing classes at other alfresco locations during select days and times throughout the summer and fall. Note: most classes are BYOMat, because ewww… who wants to use a yoga mat that is not yours? Lol


Reason #5

“Stand Up Yoga” – SUP

If you want to take a challenge when you’re visiting our city (or even if you live here!), I highly suggest you take a class with the amazing girls of Aqua Vida SUP. The Delaware River stretch at Spruce Street Harbor serves as one of the locations where you can try this fun twist to regular yoga. I had SO MUCH fun taking this class and I can 100% confirm it works your core like crazy, I was so freaking SORE the next day!

So what’s SUP yoga anyways?

SUP Yoga (Stand-Up-Yoga) takes everything you love about yoga and adds a touch of nature, an added challenge of instability and the bliss of floating on the water. I may or may not have fallen into the water one (or several times) during the class Jaja I will not reveal that 😉

Just bring your playfulness and sense of adventure! says Jana Mars owner & Co-Founder of Aqua Vida. Ready for a fun challenge? You can find their class schedule here.


Reason #6

Awesome Run Groups, Trails & Hiking Options

If you love running, outdoors and Mother Nature, then Philly is the place for you! You’ll find miles and miles of uninterrupted trails and hundreds of acres of leafy parks and preserves (I’m in love with the Kelly Drive portion!). You can check many, many more options at the Visit Philly page.


Philadelphia’s running scene has plenty of running groups, regular club runs and annual events that are open to anyone… I’m especially fond of 2 of them: Latinas In Motion & Run 215.

Latinas In Motion

Is an all-women group that meets three times a week to run/walk at least 2 miles. They set personal goals and challenge each other towards greatness! All women are welcome regardless of race, age, or running level. “Yes, I know our name is Latinas in Motion, but we want ALL women to adopt better exercise habits and live a healthier lifestyle,” says Elaine Johnson, founder of the group.

She founded the group after taking up running to lose the 56 pounds she gained with her pregnancy and to fight her low-self esteem. When running the Philadelphia Broad Street Run, she noticed the lack of Latina representation, that’s when Latinas in Motion was born. A movement where Latinas can come together to encourage, inspire and empower each other to be healthy… isn’t she amazing?! The best part is, even if you’re visiting our city, you can TOTALLY join them for a run, just drop her a message on their IG page, check their schedule and you’re in!

Who Run the World? Girls! #latinasinmotion #lim #thinkitsayitdoit #joinourmovement

Una publicación compartida de Latinas in Motion (@latinasinmotion) el

Run 215

Founded by Jon Lyon, who I met when we both worked as influencers for City Fitness Philly’s #MyCityMoves campaign (see point #1). This dude is PASSIONATE about running, he exudes that type of charisma that just engulfs you on wanting to run, even if running is not your thing because his enthusiasm will make you feel that way.

He started a Facebook group back in March 2014 called “RUN215” with the simple intention of getting a few running buddies together in a central location. Less than two weeks later the group hit 300 members, and then a year later 1,500. Now, RUN215 acts as one of the main running resources in the Greater Philadelphia area. If you’re visiting our city or live here and want to join them for a kickass run, check their schedule and drop them a line on their IG, you won’t be disappointed!


Reason #7

Rocky Steps

I won’t even elaborate a lot about this… do I have to? The Rocky Statue and the “Rocky Steps” are an ICONIC part of Philadelphia! Running up the steps is pretty much a MUST on your first visit to the city… Jajaja have you ever done that? You HAVE to! Pump your fists in the air as Rocky did when he reached the top and then turn around to cherish the spectacular view of the skyline. As you head back down, find the bronze statue of Rocky at the bottom, just steps to the left, and snap a photo.

AMAZING workouts happen there all the time, some are paid and some are free, but you’ll always find that thrill and excitement this place exudes.

Todas las mañanas, despiértate con un propósito y con la convicción de que algo maravilloso está x suceder! ☀️❤️⏰🔑 [📷 Un detrás de cámaras mientras hacía mi sesión de fotos para la campaña #MyCityMoves para la cuidad de #Filadelfia en la famosa escalera que entrena #Rocky en su primera película! 💪🏼] #VamoArriba #UnaDominicanaEnFiladelfia 🇩🇴 #SiSePuede —————————————————– Every morning wake up with a purpose and the conviction that something wonderful is about to happen! ☀️❤️⏰🔑 [📷 Snap of me while the talented @jamesadamsiii took my shoots at the #RockySteps for a promo reel of #MyCityMoves campaign in #Philly 💪🏼] #igers_philly #FeelsLikeSpring #Ignite16 #Peopledelphia #FitterTogether #fitAF #PhillyFit #RuleYourself

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Hope you loved my 7 reasons as much as I did creating them for you.

Were you aware of how amazing and health friendly this city is? Let me know in the comments!

Whether you’re visiting or a local, there are so many healthy things to do and reasons to visit the City Of Brotherly Love.

Xo, C

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  1. I haven’t been in Philly for a while, almost 8 years! This list looks great and that Spicy Grilled Tofu looks delicious

  2. Unstoppalbe post on Philly. Cheers, lovely lady!

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