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5 Ways I Make My Overnight Guests Feel At Home

I love to make my overnight guests feel at home, relaxed and welcome when they visit. Here are my fav 5 ways I make that happen!
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I rarely have stay over guests… My life is crazy busy, I travel a lot, and when I happen to be home I’m kinda like “Nah, let me direct you to the nearest hotel” Lol

It’s not that I don’t like having guests at home, I totally do! I’m a cancer after all, so I love cozy home gatherings and entertaining people…  but because I’m such a typical type A person if I can’t be sure I’ll be able to give you my best, I rather gently decline your “offer” to stay at my place 😏🙈

But since my sister is coming over and there’s no “declining” her visit ja ja, it made me think of the usual things I do to help my guests feel at home.

5 Ways I Make My Overnight Guests Feel At Home

Welcome Home Care Package

I always prepare a little basket like this for my overnight, stay over guests with things that they’ll definitely use, but might have forgotten while packing (I’m SO guilty of forgetting to pack things Lol)… anyways, I always provide them with toiletries to make their life easier.

A clean, un-used loofah or sponge because duh! + bath bombs in case they want to take a “me time and relax”, new toothbrush. And since I’m super intentional about using eco-friendly – conscious skin and body care products without harsh chemicals in it, it’s only natural that I would extend the same courtesy to my visitors. So I always include Tom’s of Maine® toothpaste and soaps [this time around I included Tom’s of Maine® Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste + Tom’s of Maine® Lavender Beauty Bar… it smells delish!].

I also do not use products that have been tested on animals. This is SO IMPORTANT you guys and that is why I love Tom’s of Maine® which has been a trusted name in natural for over 48 years!

Have Food They Eat

This should come as a no-brainer, but TRUST ME, it can totally happen that you are visiting somebody who is aware of your dietary choices 9or restrictions!) and they are not kind enough to take it into consideration. If I’m into my best “Martha Stewart” mood I’ll definitely cook for my visitors, but that’s not always the case or I might not have the time so I will absolutely have things I know they can eat and prepare by themselves.

I don’t eat meat, so I always appreciate when people think about that when I visit. Or I may have a family or friend over who’s gluten intolerant, so I’m always mindful of my guest’s needs in that aspect.

Relaxing & Healthy Items

I also always give them relaxing items they can use while at my place. And because I do what I do for a living, you can expect tons of healthy treats as well. You can expect detox teas, incense stick, candles, vitamins, etc. Is it healthy and relaxing? You bet I have it and I always share them with my guests!

Your Schedule + “Places To Visit” List

Let’s be honest, sometimes you agree to have a guest over but you don’t have the time to hang out with them 100% of the time because life can be hectic like that. So it’s important that from the get-go, you share your schedule and how much they can expect to see you, your presence or you joining them in their adventures. I also always provide with a “Places To Visit” list in case they want to follow it, so I help them take the guesswork out of the equation.

Handwritten Welcome Card

I just love a good detail, and nothing screams “I care” more than a handwritten note. So I always have a handwritten note ready for my guests, along with the “Welcome Home” care package.

I always find my Tom’s of Maine® products at Whole Foods Market. You guys know that’s like my second home already Lol Go ahead and download the Whole Foods app to get $1 off any Tom’s of Maine® products.

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… Now, your turn!

Do you have any other tips to make your guests feel at home when they visit you? Share with me in the comments!

Xo, C

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  1. OMG I love all these tips! You’re such a good host. Can I go stay to your house?

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