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Why I Add Chlorophyll To My Water

chlorophyll water benefits

Before you think I’m crazy talking about chlorophyll water, let me explain.

You might think of Chlorophyll just as the “green stuff” that gives plants its green color and absorbs energy from sunlight to help the photosynthesis process. We all learned that in science class at school, right?

Well, it turns out that we humans can also benefit greatly from chlorophyll!

If you’ve seen my Snapchat or Insta-Stories you know I drink it pretty much every day.

I’ve been adding it to my water (and to my smoothies, and many other ways) for a couple of years now, before celebrities found it “cool” –which is happening too with activated charcoal– but I’m genuinely happy that mainstream media is catching up, because it means more products and information will be accessible to the people, and that’s always good.

I really love sharing this type of stuff with you guys and helping you live healthier and happier lives. That’s what motivates me the most.

chlorophyll water benefits

I keep a mason jar full of water near me at my desk, so I don’t forget to drink water and I also put some in my gym’s water bottle. More than one time, people have stared at me with weird faces surely asking themselves “what the hell is this girl drinking?” Lol
chlorophyll water benefits
I prefer to use the liquid version because I feel it last me longer and I don’t like to take so many pills (I already do my multi-vitamin and Omega’s in pills) and gravitate between this one & this one. It doesn’t taste like anything really, but I personally prefer the mint flavored ones.

chlorophyll water benefits

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There are so many reasons why I use Chlorophyll and why it can be good for us. These are the main ones why I drink chlorophyll water on a daily basis:

1 – Cancer-fighting: studies have found that chlorophyll can bind to potential carcinogens and interfere with how they’re absorbed within the human gastrointestinal track. According to a research out of Oregon State University “Adding chlorophyll drops to your water promotes an alkaline environment for your body, which can reduce inflammation. Decreased inflammation, in turn, means a reduced risk for cancer.” 

2 – It helps detox: If you’ve done my Bounce Back Detox Program or are familiar with it, you know that in the program I explain the HUGE detoxing benefits of chlorophyll. It binds with toxic toxins and metals to disrupt its absorption.

3 – Energy: Chlorophyll stimulates red blood cell production which helps boost energy levels and if that was not enough, it carries oxygen which rapidly improves blood oxygenation and helps cleanse the body (see point #2).

4 – Digestion & Weight Control: I’ve noticed that since I started using it I have more regular bathroom trips and that’s because it helps speed up waste elimination, balancing fluid levels and reducing constipation. Also, some research show chlorophyll benefits the metabolism and increases our chances of success with weight-loss efforts. Not bad, right?

5 – Great for hangover recovery and to help “cancel out” poor dietary choices: You heard me right. Now, I’m not telling you “go out there and get drunk“, but life happens. So if you had one too many last night, go ahead and use chlorophyll. It will nourish your liver with oxygen and magnesium helping it flush out your poor alcohol decisions last nite (again, refer to point #2). Plus it will help clean your digestive track, fight nasty body odor and bad breath as consequence of greasy, yucky-unhealthy food.

Too good to be truth?

Depends on which source you are reaching to for info… I personally ONLY talk about what I have used myself and for my clients and seen the benefits.

Of course, my preferred way to get my chlorophyll will always be through food… I suggest you consume the darkest green veggies and leafy greens you can find (after all, chlorophyll is what gives plants their green coloring!). Some rich sources of chlorophyll are: Brussels sprouts, wheatgrass, spinach, broccoli, algae such as chlorella and spirulina and herbs such as alfalfa and parsley.

What’s your favorite leafy green or vegetable?

Have you tried using chlorophyll? If yes, have you seen any benefits?

Xo, C

8 thoughts on “Why I Add Chlorophyll To My Water”

  1. What’s the name of the Chlorophyll drop you recommend? And where do you buy them from? Thank You

  2. Thanks to you I have tried chlorophyll for 3 days now and I have noticed that I have more energy… I will definitely continue to use it!

  3. Wow que interesante Candy ! Voy a probarlo, seguro la que sabe a menta. 😀

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