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Drink More Water & Breathe More Fresh Air

Moving to Miami from Philly has been a WHOLE experience for me. I genuinely, really, every day miss Philly… BUT, what I don’t miss is the weather!

Miami has given me the freedom to exercise outside whenever I feel like, regardless of the station we’re at. This is awesome because I get super bored at the gym sometimes… I need variety, I need to see different sceneries and not to be confined to the same place every day.

So this year I made it a rule to exercise more outdoors, to drink more alkaline water and to breathe more fresh air.

Why more alkaline water you may ask, and not just “plain” water?

First of all alkaline water is so freaking sexy, it truly is! it’s like your typical water, but all sexed up.

Overtime, it will help your skin glow from the inside out, help to keep your body’s pH balanced and thus, your alkaline state which is CRUCIAL in order to stay healthy. When we are alkaline inside, disease can’t grow because we are so full of oxygen. Disease only grows when we are acidic, and our cells are lacking oxygen.

So I’ve been trying different options for a while and been obsessed with CORE Water. But you guys know that, ’cause you’ve seen my Snaps and my Insta-Stories.

I’ve been lacking in the water department SO MUCH, for the longest time. I’m that girl that drinks a glass of water and 5 minutes later has to run to the bathroom to pee. Urgggg!

Because of that, I guess I just conditioned my mind to not crave water so much, but I knew that needed to change, pronto!

Hence why I’m writing this post. Telling you guys holds me accountable.

So this is what I’m doing right now:

  • Exercising outdoors at least 1 day per week
  • Drinking tons of alkaline water throughout the day, and not wait to be thirsty
  • Making sure I get to breathe lots of fresh air by exercising outdoors

Sharing this not only to get myself accountable but perhaps you too, can get motivated to drink more water and breathe more fresh air.

Let’s do this!

Xo, Candy


This post was done in collaboration with Core Hydration. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks so much for showing love to the brands that support my work!

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