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3 Books That Changed My Health Journey

Reading is an obsession of mine!

I remember when my husband and I started dating, we would include Barnes & Noble as part of some of our “dates” Lol fun right? He was so puzzled I never ever picked up a gossip magazine at the supermarket either, and always went for the latest Inc. or Entrepreneur Magazine instead… My brain has too many layers, and reading has been a pivotal aspect in both my career & personal life.

When my mom got her cancer diagnosis, I picked up EVERY book under the sun and started reading because I wanted to learn how to help her heal faster. Heal not only from cancer, but from the nasty effects of chemo. But above all, I was intrigued on how to PREVENT cancer from happening, because I didn’t want to lose anybody else.

Was that possible? Could we really prevent it? Could I really help her?

My grandfather died of cancer too, and I always felt I could’ve done more but I didn’t know how back then. By doing what I do now, I get to do it in his memory because I know he would want me to… He was such a selfless man, I know he would be proud of me for helping others.

These 3 books changed my health journey at that moment:



Get “The China Study” Here

If you’re an old #CandyGlowSquad member then I don’t need to introduce you to Dr. Colin Campbell… You know I ADORE him! This book single handedly changed my life forever and was the main reason why I stopped eating meat. Dr. Campbell just MAKES SENSE! I love that he is not one of this over the top vegan fanatics that point fingers at you just because you eat meat. He present his teaching with FACTS and explain the benefits of a plant-based diet without making you feel “less than”.

Based on his lengthly studies, the book also explains why people from China have such long and healthy lives and what their –mostly– plant-based diet has to do with it. He also covers the co-relation between cancer and animal based products, an how we can prevent and even reverse some diseases through our diet.

I love Dr. Campbell so much, I met him a few years ago and even Interviewed him *dream come true!* #FunFact Dr. Campbell grandkids are half Dominicans… whaaaat? Yup, I learned that while interviewing him. His daughter married a Dominican guy, and for a long time led a foundation that helped to build schools in a small town in D.R. called Tenares. My 6 degrees of separation with Dr. Campbell right there! 🙂


Get “Eat To Live” Here

There are many books out there pretending to tell us what to do with our health. Not everything you read is true and you have to be careful of what sources you are feeding yourself, especially with such an important issue as health.

I have followed Dr. Fuhrman for years, and many of the things that I practice for myself, I learned from him. So I invite you to read this book that will for sure open your eyes in an impressive way!

Get “You Can Heal Your Life” Here

This was one of the key books to help change the mindset of my mother while she was battling cancer, and understand that her battle was won first mentally and then physically. I love Louise Hay, I have learned so much from her… this book introduce me to her teachings and no matter what religion you are, opening our minds is always a point in our favor.

This book was definitely KEY and I invite you to read it, not only for Cancer, but to set up your mind to help you on your healing journey from any illness.

Is there any book that helped your health journey, that you absolutely loved and want to recommend me? I love a good book recommendation.

Let me know in the comments!

Xo, C


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